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Similes & Metaphors

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Similes & Metaphors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Similes & Metaphors.

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Similes & Metaphors

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    1. Similes & Metaphors

    2. Figurative language is used when a writer describes something using comparisons that go beyond literal meaning. The words mean more than what they say on the surface. This gives the writing a fresh look at a common subject. Figurative language is not meant to be interpreted in a word by word sense. The objects that are being compared are different in enough ways so that their similarities, when pointed out, are interesting, unique and/or surprising. Figurative language is used in poetry and fiction, as well as in everyday speech.

    3. Similes  A simile is a comparison between two unlike things that have something in common. A simile always uses the words like or as to make a comparison.

    4. Similes  Examples • It's been a hard day's night, and I've been working like a dog. - The Beatles • My heart is like an open highway. - Jon Bon Jovi • like two peas in a pod • like Christmas in summer • snow was like a blanket • my love is like a red, red rose • deer ran like the wind

    5. Similes More Examples • as hungry as a bear • as nutty as a fruitcake • as quick as lightning • as slippery as an eel • as solid as a rock • as stubborn as a mule • as sturdy as an oak

    6. Metaphors A metaphor is a figure of speech comparing two unlike things that have something in common. The comparison is made without the use of like or as.

    7. Metaphors Examples • Patty was a raging tiger when she lost her lunch money. • During the night the forest was a dark, frightening battlefield. • A heart of stone (from Rebecca) • He has the heart of a lion. • You are the sun in my sky. • You are the light in my life. • She is my East and my West, my compass.

    8. Metaphors More Examples • Life is a mere dream, a fleeting shadow on a cloudy day. • Love is a lemon - either bitter of sweet. (from Scott) • Drowning in the sea • Jumping for joy • Rolling in dough • Apple of my eye • It is raining cats and dogs. • Love is a fragile flower opening to the warmth of spring.

    9. Brain Pop •

    10. Simile or Metaphor Stanley Yelnats was as nervous as a cat with a long tail in a room full of rocking chairs as he rode the bus to Camp Green Lake.

    11. Simile

    12. Simile or Metaphor Zero was a mole as he dug his five-foot deep hole.

    13. Metaphor

    14. Simile or Metaphor X-Ray was misnamed for he was really as blind as a bat.

    15. Simile

    16. Simile or Metaphor Squid was a wounded animal on the inside even though he taunted Stanley about receiving letters from, and writing to, his mother.

    17. Metaphor

    18. Simile or Metaphor Magnet’s fingers were sticky jam as he stole Mr. Sir's sunflower seeds.

    19. Metaphor

    20. Simile or Metaphor Caveman smelled like a skunk after days of not bathing.

    21. Simile

    22. Simile or Metaphor Zigzag had a heart of stone when he would not apologize to Stanley after hitting him in the head with a shovel.

    23. Metaphor

    24. Simile or Metaphor The Warden's nails were deadly weapons after she painted them with rattlesnake venom.

    25. Metaphor

    26. Simile or Metaphor Kate Barlow was as gentle as a lamb, while Kissin' Kate was as tough as nails.

    27. Simile

    28. Practice Number your paper from 1 to 10. For each of the following determine if the sentence contains a simile or metaphor. Write your answer on your paper.

    29. Simile or Metaphor 1. Sam's medicinal remedies made from onions were pure gold to the people of Green Lake.

    30. Simile or Metaphor 2. Charles Walker thought he was a tycoon since his family was the richest in Green Lake.

    31. Simile or Metaphor 3. Elya Yelnats' luck was poisoned meat that he passed down for generations to his family.

    32. Simile or Metaphor 4. Madame Zeroni's rage was a curse after Elya broke his promise to carry her to the top of a mountain.

    33. Simile or Metaphor 5. Stanley Yelnats I was as happy as a rat with a gold tooth when he reached the summit of top of the thumb shaped mountain.

    34. Simile or Metaphor 6. Mr. Sir was meaner than Oscar the Grouch when he had to replace smoking with eating sunflower seeds.

    35. Simile or Metaphor 7. Mr. Pendanski's mean streak was as sure as death and taxes.

    36. Simile or Metaphor 8. Clyde Livingston's foot odor was as deadly as a revolver.

    37. Simile or Metaphor 9. Derrick Dunne was as mean as a bull approaching a matador.

    38. Simile or Metaphor 10. Mrs. Yelnats was as worried as a surrounded bank robber.

    39. Listen to the song "Longer" by Dan Fogelberg. Can you find any similes or metaphors in this song?

    40. "Longer" by Dan Fogelberg.

    41. On the next slide you will see that U2 sang a similar song in the late 80’s. Does the song use metaphors or similes?

    42. Listen to “Hawkmoon 269 ” by U2. Highlight similes in yellow and  metaphors in green.

    43. Listen to “The River” by Garth Brooks. Highlight similes in yellow and  metaphors in green.

    44. “The River” by Garth Brooks. similes in yellow - metaphors in green

    45. Listen to “Daniel Boone Theme Song.” Highlight similes in yellow and  metaphors in green.

    46. Listen to “Daniel Boone Theme Song.” Highlight similes in yellow and  metaphors in green.

    47. Listen to “It's Not Easy Being Green.” Highlight similes in yellow and metaphors in green.

    48. Listen to “It's Not Easy Being Green.” similes yellow - metaphors green

    49. Listen to “Like a Rock” by Bob Seger. Highlight similes in yellow and  metaphors in green.

    50. “Like a Rock” by Bob Seger. similes in yellow - metaphors in green