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Color Poetry

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Color Poetry. Ebony McDonald & Lacey McGriff ECED 4300 Section B Dr. Tonja Root Spring 2011 Grade Level: 5th Specific form of writing: Color Poetry. Ebony McDonald. Stage of writing: Prewriting

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color poetry
Color Poetry

Ebony McDonald & Lacey McGriff

ECED 4300 Section B

Dr. Tonja Root

Spring 2011

Grade Level: 5th

Specific form of writing: Color Poetry

ebony mcdonald
Ebony McDonald
  • Stage of writing: Prewriting
  • GPS and PLO: ELA5W2. The student demonstrates competence in a variety of genres: The student produces informational writing that: f. uses a range of appropriate strategies, such as providing facts and details, describing or analyzing the subject, and narrating a relevant anecdote.
  • PLO: Students will plan writing by completing a graphic organizer.
ebony mcdonald1
Ebony McDonald
  • Form of writing:

Color Poetry

  • Stage of Writing


  • Graphic Organizer:

Graphic Organizer (25): McKnight, K. (2010). The teacher’s big book of graphic organizer. San Francisco, CA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

ebony mcdonald example
Ebony McDonaldExample


Roses are red, the cap on my cup is too.

Excitement is red all bubbling inside,

When someone says "it's a surprise!"

The valentines we exchange , the ribbon on my gift.

Yes, those are all red. But there is more!

On a hot summer day when a little breeze blows,

The smell of smoke and fire is red.

 My favorite party dress with lace on the collar is all red.

When I am angry, if someone calls me names,

I am boiling with madness all through my body.

Love is red too.

All warm and sweet.

These are all red, and mostly all sweet.

By Anna

Resource: Van de Graff, P. (2004). Color Poems. Retrieved from

ebony mcdonald practice activity
Ebony McDonaldPractice Activity

Hand Model

  • Think of one color
  • Place in the middle of hand
  • What are things of that color?
  • What feelings does it bring?
  • What does it smell like?
ebony mcdonald assessment activity
Ebony McDonaldAssessment Activity

5th graders

  • You will create your own color poems by writing a poem from the color of your choice. You may describe how it makes you feel or what things come to mind when you see it. The more creative it is, the better it will be!
lacey mcgriff stage of writing drafting
Lacey McGriffStage of writing: Drafting
  • GPS: ELA5W4 The student consistently uses a writing process to develop, revise, and evaluate writing. The student

a. Plans and drafts independently and resourcefully.

lacey mcgriff stage of writing drafting1
Lacey McGriffStage of writing: Drafting

PLO: Student drafts independently and resourcefully.

drafting color poetry
Drafting: Color Poetry
  • Color Poetryis a form of poetry in which students describe a color using the five senses.
      • What sounds make you think of the color?
      • How does the color look?
      • How does the color taste?
      • How does the color feel?
      • What does the color smell like?
drafting stage
Drafting: Stage
  • Drafting is taking the ideas formulated in the graphic organizer to create sentences.
  • To draft, use ideas created in the graphic organizer and convert them into sentences.
drafting graphic organizer
Drafting: Graphic Organizer
  • Line 1: ________ (color) is ____________
  • Line 2: ________ (color) is ____________
  • Line 3: ________ (color) is ____________
  • Line 4: ________ (color) is ____________
  • Line 5: ________ (color) smells like __________
  • Line 6: ________ (color) tastes like __________
  • Line 7: ________ (color) sounds like __________
  • Line 8: ________ (color) looks like __________
  • Line 9: ________ (color) feels like __________
  • Line 10: ________ (color) makes me __________
  • Line 11: ________ (color) is __________

Read Write Think: Color Poems-Using the Five Senses to Guide Prewriting. Retrieved April 1, 2011 from

drafting published piece
Drafting: Published Piece

Blueis the color of the sky.

Blue is the waves in the ocean crashing against the shore.

Blue is the feeling I get sometimes when I’m sad.

Blue is the icy color of glacial snow.

Blue smells like freshly washed bed sheets.

Blue tastes like blueberry Kool-Aid.

Blue sounds like jets soaring through the clouds.

Blue looks like the clear waters of the Hawaiian waters as I’m snorkeling.

Blue feels like the snow on my face while I’m skiing at Mt. Bachelor.

Blue makes me want to put on my coat, hat and gloves.

Blue is my brother’s favorite color.

  • Read Write Think: Color Poems-Using the Five Senses to Guide Prewriting. Retrieved April 1, 2011 from
drafting practice activity
Drafting: Practice activity
  • As a class, we will complete a draft using the ideas created in the graphic organizer during the prewriting stage.
drafting assessment activity
Drafting: Assessment activity

Students will complete a draft independently, using their own ideas formed in the graphic organizer previously.