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Long-Term Results/Indicators PowerPoint Presentation
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Long-Term Results/Indicators

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Long-Term Results/Indicators - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alameda County ECEPC Logic Model. Strategies/Approaches. Immediate Outputs. Short-Term Results and Indicators of Success. Intermediate Results/Indicators. Long-Term Results/Indicators. I M P A C T. What are the main strategies and approaches B8 will deploy? (RBA: How do we turn the curve?).

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Long-Term Results/Indicators

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Presentation Transcript

Alameda County ECEPC Logic Model


Immediate Outputs

Short-Term Results and Indicators of Success

Intermediate Results/Indicators

Long-Term Results/Indicators


What are the main strategies and approaches B8 will deploy? (RBA: How do we turn the curve?)

What are the immediate results of these strategies and approaches? (RBA: How much did we do?)

What do we expect will occur as a direct result of these strategies/ approaches? (RBA: How well did we do it?)

What results should follow from the initial outcomes? (RBA: Is anyone better off? Did any performance measures change?)

What results should follow from achieving the intermediate outcomes? (RBA: Did any population measures change?)

What ultimate impact could B8 have, if its outcomes are achieved?

Expand subsidy access for children 3 and under

ECEPC collaborates with state groups to sponsor leg. For <3

State funds secured

xx% income eligible AC kids access subsidies, up from YY

CHILDREN in cc make steady, appropriate progress on social, emotional, and developmental milestones

Alameda County children achieve at or beyond grade level by third grade

Local LCFF outreach plan developed: goal, partners

4 low performing Districts have ece embedded in LCFF planning documents

2 out of 4 districts increase ece supports in next 3 years

Expand quality improvement initiatives for early childhood education

QRIS pilot expanded to XX ECE settings, up from YY

School readiness disparities reduced between districts, demographic groups

xx QRIS Programs Score 4 (or higher)

__% of children who were in (quality) child care programs are strong in all building blocks of School Readiness; AC wide and in lowest ranking USDs

PROGRAM scores--Increase

QRIS matrix includes s needs, fam engagement, staff comp

XX of these kids are in QRIS programs?

XX programs focus on these as part of QRIS

Expand English Learner supports


Colorsmatch activities and outcomes tied most closely to results “buckets” and to overall system improvements

Assess EL needs & develop action plan

XX programs have EL support in place

XX programs smoothly transition to new director

Workforce: Succession

Succession plan developed

Parent feedback systematized?

Succession plan funded

XX EL kids have improve performance on ?? scale

Workforce: > Staff comp.

SEQUAL pilot is funded

Parents, caregivers and families are supported, so they can be supportive to their children

More inclusive planning for effective ece strategies

Parents advocate for and obtain local eceinvesments

ECEPC broadens work with parents via ACECPC to prioritize, advocate, expand and strengthen ece


CalWORKs pilot in x sites

Xx parents access/ have more financial literacy?

> $ support for l-i parents



CalWORKspilot proposal developed: child development?

Strengthen members’ knowledge base needed to achieve Results (>, quality ece)

Parents in quality ece programs report greater knowledge/application of child development principles (e.g. reading to children)

Agencies coordinate initiatives and leverage and blend funds

ECEPC Steering Cttee meetings provide presentation on info requested

Develop data for ece planning and evaluation

St. Cottee has more contact with elected officials, group decisions on advocacy priorities

County-wide data for indicator tracking are available, monitored, and used—by other Departments

S Y S T EM C H A N G E S /


Develop local plan to revive CEL

Leverage other health & human services data infrastructure(for $,efficiency)

CEL reestablished and gives ECECPC County-wide data

Timely, accurate County wide data available to target resources, track

Collabw/Head Start, Health—needs assessment

ECEPC Plans aligns closely w/ other County plans