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Immersive “timeline”. My Article. Cancer Patient Dies after 24 Years of Fighting

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my article
My Article
  • Cancer Patient Dies after 24 Years of Fighting
  • First diagnosed with breast cancer over 20 years ago, Brenda Hattingh began a long treatment of chemotherapy. However, after suffering with bone and liver cancer, she died at Bridlington hospital on Monday 18th November 2013 with her daughter Sharon by her side.
  • “She was an inspiration to many. I’m going to really miss her.” Granddaughter Rachel said.
  • MrsHattingh was a strict Christian and visited her local church whenever she was well enough. Through her long-term illness, she remained positive and lived each day to her full. Even on her deathbed, she remained happy and content.
  • “I remember the last time we visited her in hospital,” Granddaughter Ami began, “we were all crying. She gripped my hand and told me not to cry for her, as she knew she was going to somewhere better; she was going to God.”
  • The family have been sharing memories of the positive, strong lady, and even found a family video filmed on MrsHattingh’s 70th birthday five years ago. Son Simon told us about his experience watching the video.
  • “It was sad, because the whole family was there. I couldn’t help but think that the last time her family was together after the birthday party was for her funeral.”
  • MrsHattingh was cremated at a family only service at Octon Crematorium on Friday 29th November 2013, followed by the church service of Thanksgiving at MrsHattingh’s church in Bridlington, which was attended by both friends and family.
  • MrsHattingh will be dearly missed by all those who knew her, especially her family and husband Steve.
research pinepoint
Research - Pinepoint
  • Pine Point is an immersive website by “the Goggles”, Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons. It is about a pace called Pine Point where one of the creators of the website, Michael Simons, first travelled for a hockey tournament and he took a liking to the place. He talks about searching for Pine Point online after some years and finds that it is no longer there, but he finds a website called “Pine Point Revisited” and it takes him on a nostalgia trip of Pine Point. The website goes into the history of Pine Point and talks about the time it had as a mining town. Michael then decides to go visit his hometown of Yellowknife, near to Pine Point, and he takes us on a tour of his hometown. He shows us his yearbook, and tells us where people where back then and what they are doing now, and they all recall their hometown memories. Michael tells us about the day the Russian satellite crashed near Yellowknife, and tells us about the day he was woken up by his mum to find that the high school has burned down. Michael then goes into detail about how the government decided to close down Pine Point, finding old letters telling residents to move, and Michael decides to visit Pine Point with his friends, telling us what is left of it. The website ends by telling us that there is a “bash” at Pine Point every year in which the people who used to live there let off fireworks, and he tells us that even though it is deserted, someone still mows the grass in Pine Point cemetery.
  • The website is good because it uses animations, images, and videos to capture footage of people and places, and there is a clever animation of a scrapbook, which helps to create a nostalgic feel, and the images in the year book create a personal feel to the creator. The website is also good, because it is interactive and allows the viewer to scroll through pages and images at their own pace, although some images are set on a slideshow, but the slideshow is set at a slow pace so it gives the viewer time to see each picture. The images and video are joined by some text, which goes into more detail about what the images and videos illustrate. However, there is not a lot of text so it does not cramp the page and look messy, and it makes the website better for people who prefer videos and images rather than a whole bunch of text.
  • The main thing that lets the website down is the fact that Pine Point is not immersive enough. This website allows the viewer to interact in order to scroll through pages and images, but it does not let the viewer make their own decisions, for example, Mercedes Benz’ immersive website. At a time of advertising their new C class cars, Mercedes Benz made their website into an immersive experience for people, in a hope to encourage more people to buy their cars. Mercedes Benz’ immersive website put you in a car with a lady, who was quite good looking and attracted the audience of many men, and she told you that you had to drive through the city in order to escape. As a viewer, you could choose your route, and at the end of the immersive experience, if you managed to escape, you could put in your phone number and the lady would ring you with a chance to win one of the new C model cars. That is what Pine Point misses, the fact that Mercedes Benz allowed the viewer to choose your route yourself, while the Pine Point website did not.
research lloyds tsb
Research – Lloyds TSB
  • The Lloyds TSB advert is a funny pictorial advert that is about a young man who is looking to move house. He explains through voice over and pictures how Lloyds TSB bank helped him afford his mortgage.
  • This is similar to Pine Point as it uses pictures to describe events, but this has a voice over, whereas Pine Point just has music and sound effects, and relies mostly on text.
my immersive timeline
My Immersive “Timeline”
  • Because my article is about the death of a cancer patient, I am going to create an immersive video timeline about the last few years, using text, music and family videos and photos.
  • This task is going to be hard because it is a subject close to my heart, as the person it is about was my grandma. I will use Adobe Premiere Pro to create my video.
creation cont
Creation (cont.)
  • I have inserted my clips into my timeline, and put them into a yearly order of 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013.
  • I have done these because of special events in these years, such as birthdays and weddings.
  • I have relied on text because that way it will hopefully have a more emotional feel, and you can hear the sad music behind the images. I was going to ask for interviews with family, but I had to use quotes as they didn’t feel they could talk to a camera about the death of Grandma.
creation cont1
Creation (cont.)
  • Because of the lack of voice overs, I have used titles, such as this one, to provide a journalistic view of the events.
creation cont2
Creation (cont.)
  • Because of the lack of interviews, I have used titles to create “miss you” quotes from family and friends.
my finished product
My finished product
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  • Blog: