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GSFC Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate (SMA) Code 300 Overview Presented by : Eric Isaac Associate Director, S PowerPoint Presentation
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GSFC Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate (SMA) Code 300 Overview Presented by : Eric Isaac Associate Director, S

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GSFC Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate (SMA) Code 300 Overview Presented by : Eric Isaac Associate Director, S - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GSFC Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate (SMA) Code 300 Overview Presented by : Eric Isaac Associate Director, S
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  1. GSFC Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate (SMA)Code 300 OverviewPresented by:Eric IsaacAssociate Director, SMA-D November 16, 2010 1

  2. NASA GSFC Facilities Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland Wallops Flight Facility, Virginia IV&V Facility, West Virginia Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York White Sands Ground Station, New Mexico WFF WSGS GSFC IV&V GISS

  3. NASA GSFC Organization OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR Director - R. Strain Deputy Director - A. Obenschain Deputy Director for Science & Technology – Jim Garvin (Acting) Associate Director - N. Abell Assistant Director for Safety and Security - J. Bruner Assistant Director for Advanced Concepts - B. Seery Government and Community Relations Manager - D. Hollebeke Special Assistant for Diversity - S. Wong Equal Opportunity Programs Office V. Hill (Acting) Office of Public Affairs M.Hess NASA Office of Inspector General Office of Chief Counsel R.Stephens Office of the Chief Financial Officer Director - N. Abell Deputy - J. Baker NASA Independent Verification & Validation Program Office G. Blaney (Acting) Office of Human Capital Management Director - V. Brade Deputy - D. Parsons Safety and Mission Assurance Director J. Bruner Deputy M.So Applied Engineering and Technology Director O. Figueroa Deputy D. Andrucyk Sciences and Exploration Director N. White Deputy P. Hildebrand Information Technology and Communications Director L. Cureton Deputy M. Walther Suborbital and Special Orbital Projects Director C. Purdy (Acting) Flight Projects Director G. Morrow Deputy D. Scheve Management Operations Director T. Paprocki Deputy R. Rubilotta

  4. NASA GSFC Diverse Mission Portfolio Voyager QuikSCAT Wind Stereo TDRSS RHESSI TRMM EO-1 ACRIMSAT SOHO Geotail TIMED THEMIS Landsat 7 TRACE ICESat Aqua CALIPSO GRACE SORCE ACE POES Cluster IMAGE Terra SDO GOES FAST Polar AIM GPM Aura MMS Glory NPP Aquarius CloudSat Solar-B LDCM IBEX WISE Cassini JWST Messenger New Horizons COBE HST Spitzer WMAP Juno GALEX FUSE RXTE Swift LRO Mars Science Laboratory Sounding Rockets Fermi Balloons

  5. Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate Charter • The Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) Directorate is responsible for the overall management and implementation of Center policy in the areas of systems safety, mission assurance and management systems. It provides leadership, guidance and technical authority to review Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) programs and projects in order to assure and independently verify that these systems meet the Agency’s goals for mission success. The SMA provides support to GSFC projects in their implementation of systems safety, mission assurance and management systems. It assures that GSFC is a learning organization with the tools to facilitate effective communication and support sound, knowledge-based decision making. • We provide an independent voice to enable Mission Success.

  6. (09/15/2010 ) Judith Bruner(Director) Maria So (Deputy Director) Eric Isaac (Associate Director) Jesse Leitner (Chief SMA Engineer) George Alcorn (Assistant Director for Tech Standards Excellence) Joe Wonsever(Chief Technical Assessments Engineer)Pradeep Sinha(Assistant to the Director) Information and Assurance Technology Services/Code 700 Sanjeev Sharma (IT Manager) Safety Mission Assurance DirectorateJeanine Doherty (Administrative Officer) EEE Parts/Workmanship Group Michael Sampson (NASA EEE Parts Assurance Group Program Manager)Jeannette Plante(Electronics Packaging Engineer) Directorate Resource Management Office (300.1) Jane Langan (Directorate Resources Manager) System Review Office (301) Mark Goans (Chief) Carolyn Dent (Deputy Chief) Institutional Support Office (302) Michael Kelly (Chief) Dave Campbell (Deputy Chief) Resource Analysis Office (305) Cynthia Fryer (Chief) Harry Born (Deputy Chief) Mission Support Division (320) Dave Cleveland(Chief) VACANT (Deputy Chief) Occupational Safety & Health Division (350) Armando Lopez(Chief) Patrick Hancock (Associate Chief) Mission Assurance Branch (323) Rob Sticka (Acting Branch Chief) Reliability & Risk Analysis Branch (322) Anthony Diventi (Branch Chief) Institutional Assurance Branch (324) Rob Sticka (Branch Chief) Systems Safety Branch (321) Bo Lewis (Branch Chief)

  7. Code 300 Mission and Core Values Mission We provide an independent voice to enable Mission Success Integrity • We value individual and organizational honesty, consistency and credibility • We ensure independence of thought and are willing to take tough stands • We can be counted on to do what we say Excellence • We are passionate about delivering innovative, value-added services • We consistently exceed our customer’s expectations • We proactively seize opportunities to enhance mission success Collaboration • We value our diversity and respect each other’s contributions – together we are greater than our individual parts • We build partnerships based on trust, respect and responsiveness • We value knowledge sharing and open communication

  8. Code300 Goals • Goal #1: Attract, develop and retain a diverse, high quality, motivated workforce • Goal #2: Standardize and improve SMA and GSFC project support processes • Goal #3: Develop a strong, cohesive SMA organization • Goal #4: Strengthen external relationships to improve mission success

  9. Code 300 Supported Flight Missions/Instruments (In Progress)

  10. Code 300 Supported Launches in 2009/2010 LRO 6/09 SDO 2/10 HST SM-4 5/09 GOES-P 3/10 ELC 11/09 2010 2009 GOES-O 6/09 NOAA N’ 2/09 GLORY 10/10 TacSat-3 5/09 Launched Successfully