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Available Technologies For fashion Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Available Technologies For fashion Design

Available Technologies For fashion Design

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Available Technologies For fashion Design

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  1. Jessica De Bhrun-Smith GrzegorzFurca TaybaImran Available Technologies For fashion Design

  2. Laser CuttingLeather Alexander McQueen SS 09 ‘Wearable Drawings’ by Elvira Hart

  3. Laser CuttingLeather Akris – Spring 2013 Sportmax – Spring 2013 Vawk by Sunny Fong

  4. Laser CuttingRubber and Plastics Layered rubber teardrops

  5. Laser Cutting MG & DYLAN – Montreal Laser cut rubber, Plexiglas, plastic and vinyl

  6. Laser cutting Enormous possibilities in creating accessories, finishings and shoes.

  7. Laser Cutting Casa Mila Gates Cutouts based on their unique design

  8. 3D Scanner A 3D scanner is a device that can capture and digitize any physical object using thousands of measurements. To ‘scan’, these machines can use lasers, lights and x-rays. These devises come in different size’s and there is purpose for them all.

  9. 3D Scanner The 3D Scanner offers a wide range of benefits in producing garments for the industry. The full body scanner in the University uses light to capture the model inside. After photographing a model, you receive a list of measurements than be used in many ways. You can integrate these files with different software's such as Gerber and Optitex to simulate ‘to scale’ patterns and draping. Getting 3D picture of models in different poses can also be used to create stencils for fashion illustration in CAD software’s. The measurements can be put into manual pattern cutting.

  10. 3D Printing 3D printing is an developing technology that is growing in popularity from place to place around the globe. 3D printers can produce three dimensional objects as easily as a paper printer can generate a document. With prices on the way down, 3D printing is set to revolutionize manufacturing in the same way that the print press changed publishing. At the moment there are several technologies that can form objects from digital designs designed on a computer. Selective Laser Sintering uses as laser to combine tiny pieces of plastic, ceramic glass or metal. Another method, Fused Deposition Modelling, uses a nozzle to layer up melted plastic. The earliest 3D printer models spray an adhesive binder onto layers of powder to create an object.

  11. 3D Printing While used greatly by manufacturers and for prototyping new products, the use of 3D printers is only limited by your imagination. It is heavily used in areas such as; cars, confectionary, jewelry, personalized gifts and toys, buildings, drugs and medicine and designing for home printing . The question becomes especially pronounced in a highly innovative industry like fashion, where designers care so deeply about form and texture, yet have such a high degree of creative freedom. Anna Wilhelmi, a natural creative and copywriter turned fashion designer, always enjoyed “experimenting with styling, playing with unusual combinations of clothing, colors and materials.” Now she’s using her flair for the unique, a fascination with American football, and 3D printing in her new collection titled: Go, Rags, Go!

  12. Jessica – 12096500Laser cutting + 3d Printing For my current design project I aim to use the 3D printer for decorative “broach's” and hem details. To attach to fabric, because the printer can only print in a hard, quite fragile material, I've decided to incorporate loops for thread to go through. If all fails, an adhesive. Eg.

  13. Jessica – 12096500Laser cutting + 3d Printing I’d like to experiment with laser cutting, layering light fabrics to give them a 3D effect. As you can see, the current design I have are on different layers, I am yet to have a sample of this in material.