Odes utvs 2014 2015 business marketing plan
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ODES UTVS 2014-2015 Business/Marketing Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ODES UTVS 2014-2015 Business/Marketing Plan. Company Introduction. ODES UTVS Founded in Aug 2011 by Mike Smith. First product Arrived in Dec of 2011. Sales for 2011 - $177,000.00 1 new product for 2012 Introduced. Sales for 2012 - $3,580,000.00 2 new products for 2013 Introduced.

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Odes utvs 2014 2015 business marketing plan

ODES UTVS 2014-2015

Business/Marketing Plan

Company introduction
Company Introduction

  • ODES UTVS Founded in Aug 2011 by Mike Smith.

  • First product Arrived in Dec of 2011.

  • Sales for 2011 - $177,000.00

  • 1 new product for 2012 Introduced.

  • Sales for 2012 - $3,580,000.00

  • 2 new products for 2013 Introduced.

  • Sales for 2013 - $9,850,000.00 (YTD)

  • 3 new products for 2014 Introduced. (Dec 2013)

  • Currently there are 14 employees in the USA Office.

Meet the key staff
Meet the Key Staff.

  • Michael Smith – President/Founder

  • Peggy Howard – General Manager

  • Casey Slingerland – Sales Director

  • Matt Bukky – Warehouse/Tech Manager

  • Jessica Taylor – Executive Assistant

  • Doug Bell – Warranty Manager

Our key partners
Our Key Partners

  • At ODES one of our marketing strategies is to partner with Branded companies who we can co-partner and co-advertise with. Through this co-branding process we can inexpensively and strategically build our brand confidence through our partners brands, sell their products with ours, and avoid huge marketing costs. Our partners love it, as we do.

  • Two Brothers Racing - Exhaust Systems

  • Munn Racing KTM Supercross Team

  • EPI – Performance Clutch Systems

  • Kryptonite GPS – GPS Tracking Systems for Powersports

  • Motocross University – Leading Motocross Training

  • BSM – Black Sock Mafia – Upcoming 2014 Partner

  • Scala Rider – Helmet Communications – Upcoming 2014 Partner

  • Texas Outdoors – Upcoming 2014 Partner

  • Tony Vandemore Hunting (TV Partner) – Upcoming 2014 Partner

Our key backers
Our Key Backers

  • Currently we are 100% privately owned by Michael Smith. We are looking for Key Backers to invest in our company, ideals, brand, and see the vision for our company and its potential in this growing marketplace which generates over 10 Billion in Annual Worldwide Sales.

  • These Investment Partners are just that, Partners. These Partners we want to team up CAN be sideliners who simply wish to invest and trust the current leadership to build their investment. What we would prefer is to find someone with knowledge of aggressive expansion who can help us become a force to be reckoned with in this massive growing industry.

What do we do different
What do we do different?

  • Things that separate us from the rest is values.

  • We believe in “treat others as you want to be treated”, which is why we make sure all dealers are taken care of no matter what. Sometimes customers take their units to the dealers and they might have issues that are out of warranty, but even so, we work with the dealers to ensure the customer is taken care of by giving outside the box options.

  • We treat our employees like family. If there is an issue then we sit down and talk about it, bring it to the table and solve it. Our turnover is nearly zero. We hire people that are a good fit for our table and we ensure they want to be there rather that just there for a job. They are great team players.

Marketing strategy for 2014 2015
Marketing Strategy for 2014/2015

  • In 2012 we attended many “dealer only” shows that cost a lot of money but yielded very low results. In 2013 we changed game plans and made it a point to just go see all the dealers in person who attend these shows. We limited it to the top players and saw around 100 dealers. We found out that 3 out of 10 dealers we visited who were able to test the products signed up. The costs were way less than shows and the results yielded higher results. Dealers could put our products to the test vs. just look at something on a floor. Going forward we have aggressive plans to visit dealers with two new separate trucks and trailers to demo our products to maximize the amount of dealers we can visit. Our Goal is to visit 400 dealers in person for the USA and Canada for 2014.

Marketing strategy for 2014 20151
Marketing Strategy for 2014/2015

  • Becoming a brand. Part of being the underdog is convincing everyone you are just as good as the big dog (Polaris 1.1 billion in Sales 3rd quarter 2013). How do you do that without the big dog budget? By thinking smarter, operating lean, creating innovated products, finding cost effective, creative ways to relate to the consumers, and giving an unmatched service for our dealers. The upcoming points will outline how we plan to accomplish these goals over the next couple of years. We will attempt to summarize an entire game plan into a presentation, questions are welcomed.

Branding process 2014 2015
Branding Process 2014/2015

  • Image is everything. The best example, the TV Show “Sons of Anarchy” took the hated “bike gang” image and turned it into a “cool factor”. Harley Davidson’s sales increased, “Biker Gangs” are now “Biker Clubs”(which are now cool), and a lifestyle was created that supported a TV show for 7 years. We intend to do this for the UTV Industry. The UTV industry had Polaris which gobbled up all the business since there were no competitors. Throughout the years competitors have popped up from CanAm/BRP, Honda, Kawasaki, even China and Korea. This is a 10 Billion+ worldwide industry, we have a huge opportunity which is why our game plan is so important for aggressive success. Polaris swallowed up the industry because they were the only player, they sold utvs because they had videos showing them do cool things, but they did not create a “culture following”. Harley Davidson did and have a worldwide following. We want to create a “culture following” so people are apart of something and owning an “ODES” UTV is now “cool”. We will outline the branding process over the next couple of slides.

Branding implementation
Branding Implementation

  • 1. We are standing for something. 12-15-1791, the date the United States made the Amendments legal to protect Americans rights. We are simply saying we believe in these right, we are not getting involved with rights groups however. We are doing this to boost the image that we are American owned and operated. We will be able to relate to our consumer base better and can build trust faster. We have integrated the date into our new logo to show our support. This will also help generate questions with the consumers about the date which will allow our salesman as well as the dealers to explain a little bit more about our company and our products. Our new logo also has a star in the middle as related with the American flag. Our logo design sports a “shaft” design with “ODES UTVS” wrapped inside of the top of the logo.

Branding implementation1
Branding Implementation

  • We are creating a “Patch” system for our staff and dealers, just like Sons of Anarchy did. The staff and dealers will be issued “ODES” branded shop shirts with 3 spots in the front for patches. These open spots will be for “title” “location” and 5 slots for “recognition” patches. The patches will be earned through different challenges we establish for all dealerships. This will be something dealers, their staff, and our staff can wear with pride. They will have something to work for and get excited about, we will start an exclusive culture which will help boost our image, boost sales, and create friendly competition. The patch system will also be displayed on our website when this is implemented in Jan/2014 which will create dealership competition because each dealership can see what other dealerships are “patching up” vs. not patching at all. We will have prizes and rewards for dealerships that work to patch up which will generate even more competition and help to boost sales. No other companies does something like this. We will file for protection of the idea and system as to attempt someone else from copying the idea. This is a long shot but we want to work to protect our innovative ideas.

Branding marketing
Branding + Marketing

  • This is where the two terms collide. We have discovered we can bring in promotional/accessory products super cheap from China. We have decided to bring in very inexpensive items like hats, keychains, koozies, stickers, mats, banners, shirts, bags, jackets, hoodies, etc. We will use these as tools to give away to dealers to boost sales, to consumers at shows, to sell to dealers so they can fill their floor and make a great profit. We tested this in 2013 with a few items we made in the usa, it was a huge success, so we are expanding this project. Instead of using huge marketing dollars for TV Ads, Magazine Ads (which is like nailing jello to a wall), we will use these dollars to mass giveaway these items. Our goal is to have an ODES Sticker and hat on every person in the market!

Growth 2014 2015
Growth 2014/2015

  • Our growth plan for the upcoming year is aggressive and will be outlined in the following. To grow we must look and hit all angles. We must have multiple game plans we are working for to maximize results.

  • We will start by offering new and innovative products. Currently for 2013 we offer 2 products in our lineup. For 2014 we will add 3 new products which include a 150cc EFI UTV (first to the market), 300cc EFI UTV (first to the market), 800cc Sport (first of its class to compete with Polaris). By expanding our product line we will be able to hit more of the marketplace, offer more to our current dealers, and fulfill a need in a growing market place.

Growth 2014 20151
Growth 2014/2015

  • We will be expanding our market from Domestic to International. We currently sell to the USA and Canada. We are currently expanding to Mexico, Guatamala, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica. For 2014 we have plans to setup a biggest distribution network in Australia, Spain, UK, South America, and Africa. Over the next 2 years we want to continue to setup more distribution networks throughout the globe and become a recognized force. We understand the way to grow is through global domination. We will continue to expand our Domestic market as this is where we are strongest and we cannot forget our roots.

New site system
New Site / System

  • In 2014 we are going to implement a new website and system to prepare for the future. We know our company is going to be expanding over the new few years very aggressively and we must prepare for that growth. Our current system is ill-equipped to handle that type of business, but we are working to anticipate the upcoming needs our system will need to have in the future. We are going to merge our 3 systems we have now (warranty, website, and accounting system) into one complete system. This will promote efficiency and will allow our staff and customers to focus on the goals at hand.

Video social marketing
Video / Social Marketing

  • We have hired a full time advertising/marketing position. This person is an expert in Image/Video/Social marketing. At the end of 2013 we went to New Mexico and rented Helicopters to shoot our 2014 footage for our images and videos. We will use this footage over 2014 to create brochures, YouTube video following, Social Media Networking with dealerships, events, and tracks. We are sticking away from TV and Magazine Ads to focus on the previous slides as well as for what is listed on this slide. We believe throwing money at the masses, not knowing if its really hitting the right person is just not smart business. We believe using our marketing dollars towards the promotional items, the social marketing, etc will hit more of the right customers rather than just throwing a blanket over a ton of people.

What type growth
What type growth?

  • What type of growth can we come to expect over the new 2 years. This is something very hard to guess or predict. We believe that some growth is predictable but if you have the right people behind a great plan, then growth is totally unpredictable. Below we will list two different sales numbers. The first number will be our most realistic expectation, our second number is our goal number.

  • 2012 – 3.5 Million in Sales.

  • 2013 – Estimated Finish at 11 Million in Sales.

  • 2014 – 25 Million in Sales - 35 Million in Sales.

  • 2015 – 50 Million in Sales - 70 Million In Sales.

2014 estimated sales plan only usa and canada
2014 Estimated Sales PlanOnly USA and Canada

2015 estimated sales plan only usa and canada
2015 Estimated Sales PlanOnly USA and Canada

2014/2015 International SalesThese are the estimated sales we believe will happen with the contacts we currently have. We will of course be seeking to increase these numbers and will be working with these countries to increase their distribution networks. We will also be seeking new countries to add to our distribution network.

Investment partner wanted
Investment Partner Wanted

  • We are seeking an investment partner to assist us with our growth over the next few years. We need a partner who can grow with us at the rate we do grow. We are looking for a couple different type of investors.

  • 1. An investment partner who would purchase a piece of the company who would serve as the money of the company. We would like to find an investor who would also be a good mentor to assist the growth with our company.

  • 2. An investment partner who simply wants to invest for a percentage of what is borrowed.