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The International Marketing Council Branding South Africa May 2002 PowerPoint Presentation
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The International Marketing Council Branding South Africa May 2002

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The International Marketing Council Branding South Africa May 2002 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The International Marketing Council Branding South Africa May 2002. Photograph courtesy South Photos. SA Vision. To improve the quality of life for all South Africans by becoming the world’s most competitive and admired emerging market. IMC Vision.

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The International Marketing Council Branding South Africa May 2002

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Presentation Transcript

The International Marketing Council

Branding South Africa

May 2002

Photograph courtesy South Photos

sa vision
SA Vision

To improve the quality of life for all South Africans by becoming the world’s most competitive and admired emerging market.

imc vision
IMC Vision

To transform the image of South Africa internally and externally by creating, coordinating and integrating a compelling South African brand proposition.

This will be achieved by coordinating and integrating this brand message across all government departments, parastatals, the private sector, civil society and all stakeholders.







original intent of the imc
Original Intent of the IMC
  • To coordinate marketing efforts and manage brand perceptions
  • To create news proactively rather than reactively
  • To provide context and balance in the news
  • To promote the country proactively rather than reactively
  • To focus efforts on Tourism, Trade and Investment
the imc today
The IMC Today
  • Building on the original platform we have further defined ourselves as an enabler
    • Provide leadership and a birds-eye-view
    • Co-ordinating role
    • Leverage initiatives
    • Create strategic frameworks
    • Build national pride

Strategic Projects:

  • CRC
  • Web portal
  • Brand SA

Photograph courtesy South Photos

role of the communication resource centre
Role of the Communication Resource Centre
  • Opened last week
  • Rapid response
  • International perspective, monitoring and prioritisation
  • Expert research and input
  • Drafting capacity, interpretation and recommendation
  • Recommendations co-ordinated with GCIS and communication clusters
  • Inculcate Brand essence into all communication
  • Crafting of responses
  • Co-ordination and integration between CRC and policy makers
  • Contribute to enrichment of government resources
  • Keep track and audit dissemination of information
  • Traffic the processes, requiring responses by certain times
  • Chase and maintain the calendar of events
  • Create a status report on which ministry has/has not responded each month. We will offer training and protocol development.
  • In critical situations, IMC will contribute to speed up the process e.g.: When items are multi departmental, when they are of national importance or when there is a crisis
  • IMC will create measurement of positive press

Main Gateway


Web portal

Photograph courtesy South Photos

  • World first
  • Create a gateway – single-point-of-entry for the country
  • Easy access for investors, importers, exporters, tourists, media and citizens who want any information on South Africa
  • Linking to relevant South African websites
  • Brand essence integrated throughout

BrandSouth Africa

Photograph courtesy South Photos

  • Common theme
  • Common values
  • Interpretive but within a framework
  • Sense of direction
  • Prevent mixed messages
  • Vehicle to change national and international perceptions

Challenges andwonderful outcomes

  • Discover a partof yourself
  • Rediscover yourself
  • Its what it does to you
  • Feel it
  • Experience

Sense of humour

Celebrating humanity

Pioneering Spirit

Amazing individuals

Active notpassive









  • Endless discoveries
  • Endless journeys
  • Reoccurrence
  • reinvention
  • Adaptive
  • never the same
  • Embrace change
  • The Growth Place
  • Resilience
  • Confidence “Slayed
  • the dragon”
  • overcoming obstacles
  • Success in life...
  • The 3D country
  • layered and textured
  • Never sterile
  • The Imax of countries

Creating a story

we are all proud of

  • Engage with people
  • Engage with the land
  • Its what you do, not see

Hope for


  • Maak ‘n plan
  • Ubuntu
  • (communal spirit)

Alternativelifestyle / art

A nation that caresfor its own andinternationally

Active notpassive



Shining light

South AfrICan

The SA way

  • Showing the way forward
  • Action over words
  • The global example

A uniquenessmerged from differentcultures

  • Maak ‘n plan
  • attitude
  • Melting pot
  • Liberation through diversity
national icons

Bigness (no matter how hard you look there is always more)

Endless beauty

The iceberg

Smashing preconceived ideas

  • Undervalued(movie destination)(low rand)

Absolutely compelling


irrational love






  • The underdogWolf, springbok,white shark
  • Colour prism,or kaleidoscope(never sure what you’ll get)

Passion on the move

Raw energy

National Icons
trade and industry

It’s where humanity is

lessons for Humanity

Intellect, inspiring

The best democracy


A Source of


Our Shared


Sitting on top of the world

The envy of the world


Forgiving spirit

Energy and vibrancy

The worlds best

kept secret

Trade and Industry

SA inspiring the world

  • Blue Sky (nature & invention)

Urban Africa

Everything is possible

  • Go beyond your limits

Land Of Opportunity

Action Nation

Inventors/ Achievers/


  • New frontiers
  • Winning Nation
  • The African Dream

Making Things Work

Exporters of Peace


Pride in our own

Global Mediators


Winning Nation



Leading the Change



Team SA

Leading New Africa

A world in one country

Strength through Diversity

A Bridge

AProud History


Diversity -> Creativity -> Prosperity


Life is beautiful

Surprise/ Energy/ Engage/ Reality

Healing/ Forgiveness

Engage in Magic

Ideas and Problem Solving

Experience/ Solutions/People/ Value

Soul country

New Model/ Unique Solution


Exceeding Expectations

A Place that Inspires



and Growth


Real World



Can do/ Willingness/ Lust for Life

Enrichment & Expansion


Embracing the future

1 + 1 = 3

Adaptive/ Unexpected

Anything is possible


Get More Out

three strategic directions
Three strategic directions
  • Forging a better way
  • Ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things
  • Active adaptability

Expert Opinion

“Massive private and public initiative,

radical innovation and

inspirational leadership

can elevate South Africa to a respected and successful country in the relatively short time span of ten years”

branding a country
Branding a Country
  • Countries are also brands. If we were speaking about a company or a product, we would say that brand is the sum total of its history, its culture, its products or services, its people, its customers, its financials, its operations, and its leadership
  • That brand – whatever it may be – is a reflection of that which must remain inviolate: Values
  • South African values are South African values – the core human truth that resonates in every South African heart
branding a country1
Branding a Country
  • In terms of a country the brand stewards – specifically, the President and his cabinet – can solidify their leadership by re-identifying and re-enforcing the core values of the country
  • Continuity and consistency are vital
  • This responsibility too, lies with the rest of us –
  • Vuk’uzenzele!
branding a country2
Branding a Country
  • The IMC task is to make sure that the perceptions are correct and accurate
  • If we do not actively position South Africa, then the international media will and are, according to their own agendas
  • Negative perceptions about South Africa’s image and reputation has damaged our ability to compete at optimal capacity in world markets, to encourage investment, to create jobs, or to attract tourists
  • There is often a negative self-perception which is endorsed by many South Africans themselves
  • The image and behaviour needs managing
expert opinion
Expert Opinion

Do we have a national goal?

“In a land of diversity a very firm national goal is essential. We need something that

every citizen, every level of worker or executive can work towards.

Currently the goals are too fragmented to deliver any significant success.”


Believe in SA

Photograph courtesy South Photos

believe in sa
Believe in SA

Change the way South Africans view themselves and the future of their country, as a result influence what they say about their country to one another, and to the rest of the world.

good stuff
Good Stuff
  • Carmen – 7th best musical, Mystries – best drama
  • Moved up the World Competitiveness Forum
  • BMW investment of R2 billion
  • World Summit of Sustainable Development
  • Cricket World Cup- – showcase SA and its people
  • Singita – best hotel in the world
  • 43 cruise ships docked in CT last month
  • Export boom - Nandos, Carrol Boyes cutlery, Naartjie clothing, art and fashion
  • Moody’s re-rating
  • 3rd most recognized flag in the world
  • Mandela – 2nd most recognized icon in the world after Coke, before Nike and MacDonalds!
  • Integrated infrastructure – clinic, with roads and electricity and water
  • 1,2 million homes built
good stuff1
Good Stuff
  • Nadine Gordimer’s the first South African to have won the Nobel prize for literature
  • Zakes Mda won the 2001 commonwealth Book Prize
  • SA’s Mark Shuttleworth first African in space
  • SA breweries is the fourth largest brewer in the world, and produces over 50% of China’s beer
  • SA electricity most cost-effective in the world
  • Kreepy Krauly invented in SA
  • There are more endemic plant species per hectare in the Cape Peninsula than any other area in the world
  • Kruger National park has the most innovative management of a national parks anywhere in the world
  • Church street longest in the world
  • SA has the most species of trees in the world
in conclusion
In conclusion…
  • We have a massive, but exciting task ahead of us
  • South Africa has huge potential
  • Marketing can make a difference, but there are no quick fixes
  • The difference will be measurable
  • The task is a very long journey, that needs consistency and repetition
  • Only complete commitment will do – from the President, from the cabinet, from the ambassadors, and from the people of our beautiful, creative, vibrant,abundant,resilient land