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Production Systems

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Production Systems . Mr. Kerins. Mass Vs. Lean Production. Mass Production . Quantity not quality Poorly skilled workers Huge Factories Non- flexible workers Lots of storage space required Focus on worker and self not company. Mass Production - Characteristics.

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mass production characteristics

Quantity not quality

  • Poorly skilled workers
  • Huge Factories
  • Non- flexible workers
  • Lots of storage space required
  • Focus on worker and self not company
Mass Production - Characteristics
mass production1

Mass Production Developed by Henry Ford in 1913.

  • Definition- Production of items in large quantities by groups of workers in factories
    • Expensive and lots of machinery
    • 1880 electrification of factories
Mass Production
mass production2

Developed in USA , by Ford Motor Co.

  • Only supervisor can stop the assembly line
  • Most important quality – amount of items produced
  • Poorly skilled workers- only trained in one job
Mass Production
mass production3

Quality Control depends on accuracy of the machine set up by workers

  • Jig – holds and guides material as its being processed
  • Fixture – keeps items being processed in proper position
Mass Production
mass production4

Mass Production uses high volume shipping methods- 3 months of parts in warehouse

  • Quick fact- Model T was produced every 10 seconds
  • Mass Production Video Clip
Mass Production
lean production

Produced and developed by Japanese

  • Definition- System which focues on producing a high number of items with exceptional quality and limited yet efficient workers.
  • Developed 1930-1940s
Lean Production
lean production characteristics

Just in time Supplies

  • Quick Change over
  • Compressed Space
  • Highly skilled workers
  • Empowered workers
  • Flexible workers
Lean Production Characteristics
lean production1

Any worker can stop the line

  • Uses just in time shipping
    • No storage
    • Less workers
    • cheaper
  • Go-no-Go Gauge- used to check size / quality of produced product
  • Kan-ban
    • Shipping idealogy
    • 1 item on line
    • 1 item ready for line
    • 1 item being shipped
Lean Production
lean production kaizain

Japanese proverb: small incremental improvements toward a common goal each day

      • This was the Japanese workers philosophy each day!
      • Japanese put the company first
Lean production- Kaizain
video gung ho

Lean Vs. Mass Production

  • Cultural philosophies
  • Company vs. worker
  • Who can stop the line?
  • Quality vs. Quantity
  • Workers skill level
Video- Gung HO
production systems project


  • Video
  • Lean production Assembly line
Production Systems Project