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English Learner ( EL ) Resources PowerPoint Presentation
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English Learner ( EL ) Resources

English Learner ( EL ) Resources

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English Learner ( EL ) Resources

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  1. English Learner (EL)Resources

  2. General Funds– Based on enrollment and daily attendance Categorical Funds– Extra State and Federal funds received for specific programs and bound to specific regulations for their use Two Types of Resources

  3. General funds cover the basic expenses of running the school district: Teachers, administrators & other staff Books and other materials Costs of operating buildings How are General Funds used?

  4. How do the schools use Categorical Funds?

  5. State Funds- School Improvement Programs (SIP) - for improving school programs for all students (FLEXIBLE)- Economic Impact Aid (EIA/SCE) – For supplemental instructional needs of English Learners and students who are at-risk. “At-risk” is defined by number of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch and/or the number of underachieving students.

  6. EIA-LEP:Used for supplemental services for English learners Extra teaching support (teachers or instructional assistants) Extra materials Parent education State Funds Continued:Specifically for English Learners

  7. Federal Funds • Title I – For supporting low income students in meeting academic standards • - Title II – For professional development in math and science

  8. -Title III LEP (Limited English Proficient)- For supplemental instructional services for English learners Professional development for teachers (coaches) Parent liasons Federal Funds Continued:Specifically for English Learners

  9. Each year the District submits a Consolidated Application in 2 parts. Fall:Information with student data to justify specified amounts of funding Spring:Information about the programs and who will participate How does the district get categorical funds?

  10. District staff prepares the application. District staff consults with the DELAC and DAC The Board of Education approves the submission to the State. Consolidated Application Approval Process

  11. School Site Councils, comprised of school staff and elected parents, decide how most categorical funds will be used at the school site level. District staff, and sometimes the Board of Trustees decide how some funds will be used at the district. Who decides how categorical funds will be spent?

  12. English learner advisory committees (ELAC) “advise” on the use of categorical funds that are especially for English learners. School Site Councils (SSC) and ELAC committees need regular information sharing so that ELACS have the opportunity to express their opinion on the use of funding. What is the role of the site ELAC in deciding how categorical funds will be spent?

  13. Questions????