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English Learner Authorizations PowerPoint Presentation
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English Learner Authorizations

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English Learner Authorizations
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English Learner Authorizations

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    1. 1 English Learner Authorizations Professional Services Division Phyllis Jacobson Professional Services Division Paula Jacobs Certification, Assignment and Waivers Division Roxann Purdue Bilingual Coordinators Network Meeting March 17, 2010

    2. 2 Topics English Learner Advisory Panel Report New Option for EL Authorization National Board Certification AB 1871 Implementation Updates and Proposed Regulations Options for Vocational and Career Technical Education (CTE) Credential Holders

    3. 3 English Learner Authorizations Advisory Panel January 28-29 - Recommendations presented to the Commission Available for review on Commission website Report of Advisory Panel Audio Archive of Report and Commission discussion of report http://www.ctc.ca.gov/commission/agendas-minutes.html

    4. 4 New Option to Earn English Learner Authorization National Board Certification (NBC) Assembly Bill 239 DAVID DAVID

    5. 5 National Board Certification Option Effective January 1, 2010 CLAD Certificate or English Learner Authorization Life credential holders will be issued CLAD certificate

    6. 6 Application Based on NBC Submit - Application, fee, NBC photocopy and fingerprints (if not already on file) Online Direct application available Applicant must hold valid prerequisite teaching credential or apply for one as part of the same application

    7. 7 Implementation Changes Assembly Bill 1871 Bilingual and English Learner Authorizations

    8. 8 Implementation Plan EL Authorization embedded program 1059/2042 Options - EL Authorization or CLAD certificate CTEL program, exam or combo Out of State with approved EL National Board Certification in ENL Bilingual Authorization Program, exam, combo (Note: Bilingual Certificate by exam only or Bilingual Emphasis in embedded program still issued - 1st Bilingual authorization program recently approved)

    9. 9 CLAD Certificate or English Learner Authorization Authorizes ELD and SDAIE Instruction 2042/1059 Teaching Credential (EL embedded) California Teacher of English Learners (CTEL) 4 Routes for teachers already credentialed CTEL Examination CTEL Program Combination Program and passage of 1-2 subtests of CTEL examination NBC in English as a New Language http://www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/leaflets/cl628c.pdf

    10. 10 Bilingual Program Transition December 31, 2010 last date to accept candidates into prior programs based on bilingual emphasis standards 2009-2010 and ongoing Preparation, review and approval of new programs December 31, 2011 Programs not approved under revised Bilingual Standards (2008) are no longer approved preparation programs

    11. 11 Bilingual Authorization (2008 standards) Authorizes Primary language Instruction Candidates must hold or qualify for CLAD certificate or English learner authorization 3 Routes - Bilingual Program coursework - CSET: LOTE Examination only - Combination Program and passage of 1-2 subtests of CSET: LOTE examination

    12. 12 Combination Route Examination Subtests and Program Coursework CTEL or CSET: LOTE (Bilingual) Program sponsor determines which subtests are equivalent to program coursework based on standards and submits alignment matrix to CTC Approved programs recommend candidates online when all program standards met Coded 10-07; PSA 09-06

    13. 13 Bilingual Program Route Guidance for Program Sponsors: http//www.ctc.ca.gov/educator-prep/ELA.html Bilingual Authorization Handbook Questions posed by bilingual educators Program Sponsor Alert 09-06 (Updated 7-15-09)

    14. 14 Career Technical Education (CTE) Credentials with English Learner SDAIE Authorization New CTE approved programs (2008 Standards) include a standard addressing SDAIE for issuance of clear credential Equivalent to CCSD SDAIE authorization for holders of Designated Subject CTE/Vocational Credentials One approved program based on new standards Coded 09-01

    15. 15 New CTE Credential Program Transition Timelines January 1, 2009 Approval of programs begins August 1, 2010 CTE programs under old standards may no longer accept new candidates September 1, 2013 CTE programs not approved under new 2008 standards are no longer approved teacher preparation programs

    16. 16 CTE Credentials with SDAIE Authorization New CTE credentials issued as 3 year preliminary (prior = 5 year preliminary) SDAIE not authorized on preliminary credential CTE clear credential (2008 standards) authorizes SDAIE Employers may request a CCSD waiver while candidate completes program

    17. 17 Certificate of Completion of Staff Development (based on SB1292) Candidates Holders of Service Credentials with a Special Class Authorization and Designated Subjects Vocational, CTE or Special Subjects Credentials Authorization SDAIE instruction only

    18. 18 Current CCSD (based on SB1292) 45 hour Commission-approved program based on SB1292 CCSD Guidelines Complete 3 semester or 4 quarter unit Commission-approved SDAIE course (prior to 1/31/08) Equivalent course(s) from Commission-approved CTEL program (based on alignment to 1292 CCSD Guidelines) PSA 10-05 CIA 10-04

    19. 19 Current CCSD (based on SB1292) Situation: Teacher has two credentials MS/SS or Ed Specialist Designated Subjects (CTE, Vocational Ed, Special Subjects) Teacher Needs authorization for SDAIE Options: EL authorization for ELD and SDAIE SB1292 CCSD (valid for SDAIE on all prerequisites as long as Designated Subjects remains valid)

    20. 20 Contact Information Programs Paula Jacobs pjacobs@ctc.ca.gov Examinations Phyllis Jacobson pjacobson@ctc.ca.gov Donna Anderson danderson@ctc.ca.gov Credentialing credentials@ctc.ca.gov Assignments cawassignments@ctc.ca.gov

    21. 21 QUESTIONS?