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  2. You know your customers best customize the right offer to meet their needs. • Create promotions in your own language! • Modify part names and descriptions. • Go after All-Makes business. • Develop sell sheets for vehicle categories. • Offer service specials.

  3. React to the needs of your customer. Share the right offers with them. • React quickly to competitive offers. • Create and email time sensitive offers online 24/7. • Find parts and part images for municipal, government and corporate bids.

  4. Create customized templates for top customers or business segments. • Personalize with a custom message. • Target business segments with a consistent look and feel. • Create materials fro dealer events and industry specific expos or fairs.


  6. Step One Select the CATEGOY of the material to be developed. Select the TYPE of material. Select the THEME do be developed.

  7. Step Two Select one of the available templates

  8. Step Three Name your project. We recommend You use a pre-determined naming convention. For example: User_Theme_Date Identify the template as a FAVORITE If it is a template that you will use frequently. Do this by checking the box below the project name. Click on CREATE to save the template you are going to customize.

  9. Template Customization All the element identified with the blue pencil icon are customizable. Just click on the icon.

  10. The Masthead • We suggest: • INTRODUCTION – use fonts no larger than 14 points /1 line of text. • DEALER NAME - use fonts no larger than 30 points /1 line of text. • CONTACT INFORMATION - use fonts no larger than 14 points / 4 lines of text (if you reduce the font size you can fit up to 6 lines of text). • If text does not appear when you render the PDF it means the selected font size is too big. Reduce the font size gradually until the text appears in the PDF

  11. The Masthead The blue pencil icon next to the vehicle image allows you to swap images. The blue pencil icon next to the myEDGE logo allows you to switch between English and Spanish logos.

  12. Parts • There are two ways to select parts: • Type in the part number in the field identified as Part Number Search and click GO • Select the part number by filters: select one of the Categories, followed by Supplier, Brand and finally Part Number. • A message will appear if the part you selected is not in the current myEDGE database. Contact your Dealer Marketing Specialist for part update requests

  13. Parts • The part name and description appear in English by default but they can be changed to Spanish or any other language • Edit the part name – 23 characters. • Edit the part decsription – 150 characters. • Enter the price (including currency) 17 characters. • The initial templates do not include fields for installed pricing • At this time we suggest including this information in the part description • If you determine that installed pricing is important for your sales materials please contact your Dealer Marketing Specialist. • Click on SAVE.

  14. Legal Text and Other • Finally you have fields for: • Legal Text • Web site • Unique Selling Proposition

  15. Navegation • Navigation elements: • HOME – Returns the users to the start. • MY FAVORITES – An archive to store your frequently used templates. • NEW – To start customizing a new template • PENDING – Returns the users to the last template they were working on. • SAVED – An archive to store every customized template. • HELP / SUPPORT– Displays the contact information for your Dealer Marketing Specialist. • HOW TO CUSTOMIZE– Include information on how to use myPromos. • PART SPACIALS – Displays the current myEDGE specials.

  16. If you have any questions • Contact: Peter Petch myEDGE Dealer marketing Specialist Email: Skype: peterpetch Tel: (905) 631-3944