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  2. Characters Parvana-Main Character Mother Father Nooria-Parvana’s older sister Maryam-Parvana’s younger sister Ali-Parvana’s Younger Brother Mrs.Weera-Family Friend Taliban Shauzia-Parvana’s Best Friend Homa-Lonely lady on the streets that Parvana found crying

  3. Text-To-Self I can relate this to myself because in the book it says that Parvana had to run up and down the stairs to get water for her family and she would get so tired and I can relate that to me because sometimes my mom says can you go get bread, milk, or anything else from the pantry and I get so tired doing that cause our pantry is downstairs and I get way to lazy to do it and I think that Parvana had such a hard job getting water and she would love to switch places with me! Text-To-Text I can also relate this to one of the books I read which is Number the stars. I can relate that to The Breadwinner cause the Jews in Number The Stars could have got relocated and in The Breadwinner girls could have got in so much trouble just for going outside showing even  a little bit of their skin or wanting to go to school, so if they did any of that stuff they could have got beat to death or have went to prison and in Number The Stars they would have got beaten to death or relocated to Sweden!

  4. Main Events The Main Events were… 1. The Taliban won’t let girls go outside without a guy, so a family friend (Mrs.Weera) says that Parvana has to transforms into a boy because her Dad got arrested and there is no other guy in the house unless her little brother but he is too small. So know she can get money for her family and get food without getting arrested by the Taliban. 2. Later on in the book Nooria found a husband in Mazar Sharif, so Nooria, Parvana’s Mom, Ali, and Maryam go to Mazar Sharif for her wedding and that is a good thing cause there is no Taliban in Mazar Sharif. 3. Parvana doesn't’t go to Mazar Sharif because she doesn't’t want to so she stays back with Mrs. Weera. Later on when her family is gone, a day or two later her father comes back. Some people tell Parvana that there is now Taliban in Mazar Sharif! She tells her father but he is really ill to go anywhere, so later on when he gets better they go to Mazar Sharif to go bring them back safe and sound.

  5. Climax I think the climax would be when Parvana dresses up as a boy and cuts her hair then goes outside to get food and money for her family without getting caught by the Taliban or any other people. I think that was a really interesting part in the book and maybe even the most important part.

  6. Theme I think the theme is that the book tells you to never give up, and follow your dreams no matter how many obstacles stand in the way, because that's what Parvana did and she kept on going through hard times like when her father got arrested she had to try really hard to help her family and she kept on thinking that my father will come back some day. At the end everything turned out fine and she also helped out her family when they needed it.

  7. Reflection #1 The Breadwinner is about a girl named Parvana that has to live under the Taliban's control; the Taliban didn't let girls go outside without a man or a letter from a man. Later on in the book, her father was taken away to prison for keeping school books in their house when they are not allowed and her father also teaches a school for girls when that is also illegal and you can get in so much trouble for that and that is exactly what happened, her father got taken away to prison. Parvana's mother is so sad and depressed about what happened so she just sits face front to the wall crying because her father is gone… Continued on next slide

  8. Reflection #1 Continued Parvana and Nooria had to take control of everything since their mother is way to sad to do anything. Parvana makes trips to go get water and secretly to go get food. When she goes outside she is really scared because she doesn’t have a note from a man but she does have a note from Nooria, which she wrote in case she gets caught. Later on a family friend Mrs. Weera (mothers friend) gets everything under control and tells Parvana to dress up like a boy because girls are not allowed to go outside and that’s the only way to survive and also now she can get money for food and help her family!

  9. Reflection #2 Later on Parvana realizes that now she has cut of her hair and wear boy clothes! After she cut a bunch of her hair and wore her older brothers clothes who was dead a long time ago she actually got used to the idea and thought that if she did this her family could actually survive. She also had her own job like selling used things to people and digging up bones in an old bombing site! A couple of times she found gifts that were being dropped form the window where she was sitting. She never found out who that person is, but she wanted to send that person a message that she was here, so she got a bunch of flowers and planted them right in front of that ladies window. Some People got mad at her planting flowers because they said it was no use and that they would die in a day or so, but the other people convinced the people that this girl is trying to make a our city more better and you should let her do what she is doing so she planted some flowers in front of that ladies window so now when ever the lady tried give Parvana a present she would see all those pretty flowers!

  10. Reflection #3 Later on her Mother, Older Sister, Younger Sister and Brother are going to Mazar Sharif for her big sister (Nooria's) wedding because her husband lived there and Nooria would be living there with him and she would work as a teacher there because there is no Taliban there and she would be safe, and Parvana didn't feel like going to Mazar Sharif so she stayed with Mrs. Weera in there small apartment. Later on they find out that the Taliban took control of Mazar Sharif and that’s where her family is going, so now Parvana’s family are in a lot of danger, but her father comes back from the prison really ill, so now Parvana has to take care of her father and worry about her family too! After her father gets a bit better she chooses to tell him about the Taliban in Mazar Sharif and her father suggests that they should go look for them and make sure they are ok and bring them back safe and sound.

  11. Summary The Breadwinner is a really interesting book and probably the most interesting I have read so far! The Breadwinneris about an eleven year old girl named Parvana who lives in Afghanistan while the Taliban is in control. She has moved into a run down apartment in Kabul. One day while she is at home with her family, 4 Taliban soldiers come in and take Parvana's father away. This is awful because there are rules about going outside. You are not aloud to go outside without a man or a note from a man. Women must wear a chador when they go outside and they are not aloud to work. Now they are running out of food and money and there mother won't do anything but sleep. A couple days later,Mrs. Weera comes over and turns everything around. She gets mama up and dressed and she gets everyone organized. Mrs. Weera is one of mama's friends and she used to be a gym teacher.That night mama and Mrs. Weera decide to dress Parvana up like a boy, that way they can get food and money. She is their only hope becuase she is the only one old enough and that can look like a boy.

  12. Summary continued... First of all as a boy she takes over her Dad's job. She enjoys being outside and doing her Dad's job. It gives her a whole new understanding about what boys have to do. One day she runs into Shauzia, a girl from school, who was also dressed as a boy and does a job . From then on they hang out with each other and become great friends.Then Shauzia and Parvana come up with an idea to join together and sell things, but they don't have enough money. Shauzia suggests to Parvana that their is this that will give us double the money we get now! She tells Parvana that the job is bone digging at an old bombing site,Parvana knows her mom will not like this, but she goes along with it and says okay what ever it takes to get more money . Then she goes bone digging she digs up a lot of bones and makes a lot more money then she ever has, But she doesn't tell anyone except Shauzia .

  13. Continued... Later on in the book she finds out that Nooria has found a husband in Mazar Sharif. Her whole family is going but Parvana doesn't want to go, so she stays back with Mrs.Weera. Its a good thing that their is no Taliban in Mazar Sharif because her family doesn't have man with them. Parvana stays back and a couple of days later her father comes back ill. Parvana hugged him as hard as possible as she that to her self I always thought that you would come back. A couple of guys tell Parvana that their are Taliban in Mazar Sharif and her family could be in danger. She doesn't want to tell her father because he is ill. So when he gets better she tells him about the Taliban and they decide that they have to help them and get their family back safe and sound.

  14. Inference The inference in the book would probably be when the Taliban burst into Parvana’s apartment and took her father away. Parvana noticed how they were dressed and how roughly they behaived but they didn’t tell why they were taking Parvana’s father away? When Parvana and her mother went to go get him then they told her why he was in jail. Which was that Parvana’s father was keeping foreign school books in their house when they weren’t allowed!

  15. The End