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Strategy for International Cooperation

Fostering International Cooperation in Research & Development Mauro Bianchi, TESEO FORESTA project coordinator International ICT policy conference │Buenos Aires │ 8/06/11. Strategy for International Cooperation.

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Strategy for International Cooperation

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  1. Fostering International Cooperation in Research & DevelopmentMauro Bianchi, TESEO FORESTA project coordinatorInternational ICT policy conference│Buenos Aires │ 8/06/11

  2. Strategy for International Cooperation • Contribute to sustainable development worldwide and foster Europe’s S&T excellence • New momentum to the Union's external relations takes full advantage of the opportunities provided by the Lisbon Treaty • Europe needs to promote its interests and values more assertively and in a spirit of reciprocityand mutual benefit

  3. European Council Conclusions • The EU strategic partnerships with key players in the world provide a useful instrument for pursuing European objectives and interests • This will only work if they are two-way streets based on mutual interestsandbenefits • … and on the recognition that all actors have rights aswell as duties

  4. Madrid EU-LAC Summit 2010 • Following the Madrid Summit of May 2010 with Latin American and Caribbean countries… • … the EU is committed to continue to work closely together with the countries of the regionin response to the global challenges facing all of us

  5. In practice… • The achievement of those broad technology-related objectives is enacted through the Seventh Research Framework Programmefor Research and Technological Development(FP7) • Strong international cooperation dimension But what is FP7..?

  6. Introduction to FP7 EU Funding Programmes= Operational & Financial instruments of EC Ministries and their policies National Governments DG’s and their funding programmes FP7is the main European funding instrument in the field of R&D


  8. FP7 Budget (2007-2013) >4 Pillars = 50.5 B€ > EURATOM + ERC = 2.75 B€ >TOTAL =53.2 B€ > Distributed through approx. yearly calls for proposals…

  9. International Cooperation under FP7 > Main research topics open to third countries > Objectives with regional target… > …JOINT CALLS FOR PROPOSALS > ICT PROGRAMME > Open to EU & third country researchers > Research host organisation in EU > “Marie Curie Actions” > International Outgoing Fellowships > International Incoming Fellowships >Research Staff Exchange > R&D policy dialogue (INCO) > Research host organisation in EU

  10. The Cooperation Pillar > Subdivided into 10 Themes > ALL Cooperation calls are open to third country participation > Some topics are specifically intended for international cooperation projects > In some cases Coordinated Calls • EU and third country put money in projects • e.g. Brazil & Russia (ICT 2011) • e.g. India (KBBE, Energy, Transport) • Health • KBBE • ICT • NMP • Energy • Environment • Transport • SSH • Space • Security

  11. Latin America in the ICT Programme > Participation of LA organisation has increased steadily from FP6 to FP7 • > Excellent results in FP7 (6,1 M€ - excl. Call 7) • > Objective: deepen the relationships (political, trade, etc.) through research cooperation in ICT • > Call 7 Brazil Coordinated Call = 5M€ on each side • Result of: “critical mass”& “policy dialogue” • > Argentina: participation in FP7 so far: 8 ICT + 2 e-infrastructure projects

  12. ICT Call 8/9 > Participation encouraged in Call 8/9 • Objective 1.1 Future Networks • Objective 1.2 Cloud computing, Internet of Services and Advanced Software Engineering • Objective 1.4 Trustworthy ICT • Objective 1.6 FIRE • Objective 8.1 Technology-Enhanced learning • + Targets for “emerging economies”, “low and middle • income countries” • + Objective 9.4 FET International Cooperation: “non EU researcher teams” >Horizontal actions fostering international cooperation • Objective 10.3 International partnership building and support to dialogues (ICT Call 9: STREP/SICA)

  13. Marie Curie Actions • Reinforce the international (extra-European) dimension of the EU’s human resources in R&D • World Fellowships for 730 M€ in FP7 • Three programmes: • International Incoming Fellowships (IIF) • International Outgoing Fellowships (IOF) • International Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES)

  14. The Capacities & Ideas Pillars >INCO: Structuring the political dialogue in R&D > S&T agreements (BILAT) > INCO NETs, ACCESS4EU, etc. >Creativity driven projects (no work programme) > Frontier research cannot be limited by national boundaries… > Visionaries are everywhere!

  15. Priorities for international ICT cooperation • Europe cannot cooperate with all countries on all topics • Choice of third country partners • Choice of research topics • Guarantee of critical mass of resources • Research priorities for cooperation: should be ‘inspired’ by joint inputs from industry, academia and research institutes • Medium Long-term proactive approach… • Alignment with the work of the Technology Platforms is likely to facilitate cooperation

  16. The Role of FORESTA AR BR CL CO MX • Aims to support/facilitate research dimension of ICT policy dialogue between EU and LAS&T Agreement countries • Identification of key areas for cooperation with EU in ICT research • Presentation of the state-of-the-art in international cooperation initiatives (FP7 and other) • Identification of opportunities for international cooperation from LA countries

  17. A noble mission… • FORESTA prepares the necessary collaborative ground and makes it fertile… • Success can be reached if LA countries exploit this opportunity • Support LA countries’ interest with instruments and initiatives • We are not alone: other projects have complementary missions like… • The ball is ALSO on YOUR side!

  18. Thank you for the attention Mr. Mauro BIANCHI mbianchi@teseo.be TESEO Sprl │Brussels

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