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Need To Know About Custom Mica and Mica Materials- Axim Mica

Are you looking for high performance mica insulating material and custom mica in North America? Visit Axim Mica today! We specialize in high temperatures thermal and dielectric products, such as mica, ceramics, and Teflon in tubes and more at the best prices. Visit now!

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Need To Know About Custom Mica and Mica Materials- Axim Mica

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  1. Everything Need To Know About Custom Mica

  2. Introduction Today's various mica materials are available in markets and Custom mica is a type of mica mineral that is a set of variety of silicates. Custom mica is very low and has a low particular gravity. It tends to leave even if you put minor pressure on it. Generally, it is resistant to heat. Moreover, its extreme properties let you use it for various purposes.

  3. About Us If you want to know more about custom mica and mica materials how they are manufactured in industries, Contact our Axim team. Here we will give you all important information about the mica materials and mica sheets. Whenever you want the mica materials or custom mica materials, Axim Mica offers you value added services of assembly. AximMica is a world-class, customer-driven manufacturer and supplier of Mica based insulating materials such as Mica sheets, mica washers, Fabricated Mica Parts, Teflon products and much more.

  4. We offers…

  5. Contact Us Address: 105 North Gold Drive Robbinsville, NJ USA Cont. 516-248-0045 Fax:516-706-4949  Business Mail:info@aximmica.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pg/aximmica Twitter:https://twitter.com/aximmica Website: http://aximmica.com/ If you are interested in buying Mica products for industrial purpose then Axim Mica is the right place for you. Visit our website today and get the amazing Mica products at affordable prices

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