why use a fluid sealing specialist l.
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WHY USE A FLUID SEALING SPECIALIST?. FOR SAFETY & RELIABILITY BECAUSE……. Fluid Sealing has changed. As simple as they may seem, fluid sealing products have become increasingly more sophisticated over the years. New materials Rapid changes in technology

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why use a fluid sealing specialist



fluid sealing has changed
Fluid Sealing has changed...
  • As simple as they may seem, fluid sealing products have become increasingly more sophisticated over the years.
    • New materials
    • Rapid changes in technology
    • Increased processing demands within plants
    • Ever changing regulatory demands
  • Fluid sealing devices are not common industrial commodities -- and their mis-application can be disastrous for your plant as well as your bottom line.
customer needs have changed
Customer Needs Have Changed ...
  • Downsizing has caused many plants to leave fluid sealing responsibilities to personnel with less experience and expertise. Plants are losing millions of dollars as this lack of expertise often results in seal failure and downtime.
  • Plants need to reduce their risks, as there is increased exposure to fugitive emissions and employee injuries.
epa and osha regulations have made fluid sealing more important than ever
EPA and OSHA regulations have made Fluid Sealing more important than ever.
  • This is because applications continue to become more severe, fugitive emissions less acceptable and sealing options more complex.
  • The regulatory agencies’ definition of a “leak” continues to change.
  • Flawless sealing and rapid technical response to seal failure is critical. The solution, more often than not, is an engineered solution.
how the wrong choice of fluid sealing devices can cost you
How the wrong choice of Fluid Sealing Devices can cost you:

$ Employee injuries and associated costs (lawsuits, insurance premiums, and lost man hours)

$ Government imposed fines for environmental violations.

$ Downtime and associated costs (overtime, contract labor, loss of revenue, shut down and startup costs).

$ BOTTOM LINE: Integrated Supply may not meet all of your needs in every product line.

the safer solution
The Safer Solution …
  • The best option is to work with someone who specializes in fluid sealing devices. As a member of the Independent Sealing Distributors association (ISD), a national learning and support organization for sealing specialists, we bring serious value to the table.
  • Independent Fluid Sealing distributors have total access to the newest technologies, latest design changes, and up to the minute manufacturing specifications.
  • In short, we’re a partner for complete sealing solutions that will, in the long run, improve safety, and save you time and money.
let s run down the potential savings realized by using fluid sealing specialists
Fewer work orders issued

Fewer spare parts purchased

Less stock required

Reduced purchase orders issued

Reduced product loss

Reduced overtime

Reduced contract labor

Reduced clean up cost

Reduced treatment of waste

Reduced disposal cost of certain products (asbestos, ceramic, etc.)

Reduced engineering costs.

Safety is increased

Reduced exposure to, or elimination of OSHA fines

Reduction & elimination of costs for monitoring fugitive emissions

Reduced exposure to EPA fines for fugitive emissions

Minimize insurance premiums

Let’s run down the potential savings realized by using Fluid Sealing Specialists
benefits derived from using a fluid sealing specialist
Benefits Derived From Using AFluid Sealing Specialist
  • Personal attention: We’ll work side-by-side with you conducting inspections, making recommendations, executing technical service … whatever it is you need.
  • Emergency service: We’ll act fast and bring you instant solutions to reduce your downtime and exposure to danger.
  • Loyalty: Most of our customers are in your area. You won’t be neglected because we have to take care of another customer on the other coast.
  • Training programs and services, according to OSHA 1910 regulations
  • On-site application engineering
  • Emission control programs and services
  • Equipment surveys
  • Failure analysis
  • Inventory consolidation programs (based upon our knowledge of your process and equipment
breakdown of fluid sealing product costs
Breakdown of Fluid Sealing product “costs”

Purchasing Costs

Inventory Carrying Costs

Cost savings available

through a close,

cooperative supply

relationship with an


knowledgeable fluid

sealing products


Actual Product Cost

  • Product Usage Cost
  • Installation Costs
    • Retorquing
    • Premature Failure
    • Replacement
    • Downtime
    • Failure Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Costs
    • Emissions Monitoring
    • Product Failure
    • Record Keeping
  • Process Safety Management Compliance Costs
    • Engineering Time
    • Training
a partnership for safety and success
A Partnership For Safety and Success

As an ISD member, we receive continuous support and education from a network of industry peers. This allows us to stay on top of fluid sealing technology and issues. We can immediately bring you the perfect fluid sealing solutions that your applications require, and we have the technical know-how to keep your fluid sealing devices performing well.

In the end, a fluid sealing specialist’s expertise helps your plant save money and achieve a greater level of safety.