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Special Needs Transportation On-Line Training Module

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Special Needs Transportation On-Line Training Module. Confidentiality. Can you correctly answer these questions regarding confidentiality?. Is it O.K. to discuss a student with a friend as long as they know the student?

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can you correctly answer these questions regarding confidentiality
Can you correctly answer these questions regarding confidentiality?
  • Is it O.K. to discuss a student with a friend as long as they know the student?
  • Is it acceptable to discuss student information with all personnel at the student’s school?
  • Are you allowed to share student information with ambulance personnel after an accident?
what you will learn in this module
What you will learn in this module:
  • What laws govern confidentiality for special needs students.
  • Who confidential student information may be shared with.
  • When confidential student information may be shared.
  • What confidential student information may be shared.
  • Confidentiality traps to avoid.
  • Penalties for violating confidentiality laws.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act


Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

There are two laws which govern confidentiality and information access for students with disabilities.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act includes provisions regarding students’ education records and

mandates that related service providers, such as special transportation personnel, have access to student’s Individual Education Plans.

IDEA requires providers keep student information confidential.

IDEA allows parents to sue individual educators and/or service providers for violating a students rights under IDEA.


The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act is the federal law which governs confidentiality of students’ school records.

The protection of this law applies not only to students with disabilities, but to all students in the school district.

Violating this law can be very serious and

could result in the loss of your job!

ferpa tells us
FERPA tells us
  • What information about students you can legally access.
  • With whom and under what circumstances you can share student information.
  • When exceptions to normal confidentiality may be made and with whom.
what information you can access
What information you can access

School district personnel who work with students may legally access student information that they need to do their job.

So, Bus Personnel should have information they need to provide transportation services specific students.

That is called “need to

know” information.


That means that you have the right to have information regarding only students who ride your bus and only information related to transporting them.You may not legally get information regarding students who do not ride your bus, or information about your students that doesn’t impact transportation.

student information that you will need to safely transport a student includes
All demographic information

Emergency names and contact numbers

Basic information on the student’s disability and how it may impact transportation

AM and PM drop off information and instructions

Information regarding any medical issues or problems

Information regarding how the child will board the bus and what equipment they may need

Any special instructions regarding behavior management and communication needs

Student Information that you will need to safely transport a student includes:

This pertinent information should be present on the student’s Special Needs Transportation bus slip.

Information regarding a student’s levels of functioning if pertinent to transportation

Information regarding family or neighborhood situations outside of school if they impact the student’s transportation

Additional information you may share with or request from the school personnel who work with a specific student or Special Transportation as needed includes:

exceptions for emergencies
Exceptions for Emergencies
  • You are allowed to share confidential student information with emergency personnel or school district personnel in any emergency situation.
activity take a look at these scenarios
ActivityTake a look at these scenarios
  • A friend is visiting your home and says she understands that her new boyfriend’s niece “Shantay” rides your bus. She says the girl is real behavior problem and asks you if she gets in trouble on the bus.

How do you respond?

The best response would be to say that you just are not allowed to talk about any of the children on your bus.
You see your Supervisor at Walmart and need to ask her a question regarding a student on your bus. What do you do?

Note: The rules regarding confidentiality allow you to share information with ESE and Transportation Supervisors who can assist you in doing your job, but where you have these conversations is very important.You risk being overheard by someone unless you talk in a private place.So, the best course of action would be to speak generally, without saying the student’s name or postpone talking to the Supervisor.


Your bus is involved in an accident and school personnel you don’t normally have contact with and emergency first responders arrive. Can you share student information with them.


Yes. In an emergency information may be shared with law enforcement, paramedics and fire dept. personnel. Additional school district personnel may also come to assist. The students heath and safety could depend on information you have.


What would happen if an accident left you or your assistant unconscious?Make sure that lifesaving student information is labeled in a place where emergency personnel could locate it!


A student has been having problems with other students on the bus and his mother asks for the names of the other students, so she can talk to their parents and make him apologize. What do you do?


The best response is to say you aren’t allowed to share that information for any reason. It would be acceptable to pass on a written apology form the students.


A teacher that you do not know at the school you drive refers to a student on your bus and says she’s heard his momma has a new man living the house.How do you respond?


The best response might be to say nothing.If you don’t know who someone is or aren’t sure if they are sharing important information or just gossiping, it’s best not to comment.


Quiz & Training EvaluationPlease print and complete this pageTurn in to Traci Kent, in Special Needs Transportation(You may look back through this training component to find the answers to the quiz)

  • Name the two laws we must obey regarding confidentiality of student information. _________ _________
  • List three kinds of student information you will need to transport students with disabilities. _________ _________ ________
  • Is it permissible to discuss a student with your friends and family? ____________
  • In what situation is it OK to share student information with emergency personnel? __________________________________
  • Where should discussions with school district personnel regarding students take place? __________________________________


A. How do you feel about training offered on-line? ____________________


  • Would you consider participating in other on-line training components? ________________________________________________________
  • How will you use the information learned in this component as your perform your job? __________________________________________________