why do people prefer silver jewelry n.
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Why do people prefer silver jewelry PowerPoint Presentation
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Why do people prefer silver jewelry

Why do people prefer silver jewelry

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Why do people prefer silver jewelry

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  1. Why do people prefer silver jewelry?

  2. Introduction • Lately the jeweler industry experiences remarkable growth in the production. • And sales because more and more people are realizing the benefits of owning quality silver jewels, which are much less expensive than gold jewels, but are still a good investment. • Regardless of whether you are selecting a gift for someone else, buying a treat for yourself or just looking for something to replace your expensive golden and diamond jewelry, silver jewels have a lot of advantages and only one of them is the cheaper price.

  3. Less expensive compare to Gold • Certain silver jewels can look classier and even more expensive than some golden ornaments. • A diamond set in silver looks much more tasteful than the same diamond set in gold. • Some of the most popular silver ornaments are the bracelets. • Their design and style can vary greatly, from broad and massive bands to dainty thin chains, which will satisfy the preferences of every customer.

  4. Silver Inventories Are Falling • Governments and other institutions have traditionally held inventories of silver. But today, most governments no longer hold stockpiles of the metal. In fact, the only countries that warehouse silver are the US, India, and Mexico. • Look what’s happened to those inventories since 1996. • A big reason governments don’t hold a lot of silver is because coinage is no longer made from the precious metal. • But as you’ll see, silver is used in industry to a much greater degree now… so if future industrial needs are difficult to meet, governments will be ill-equipped to support those needs.

  5. Industrial Use is Growing • It’s used in nearly every major industry, from electronics and medical applications to batteries and solar panels. • Silver is everywhere, whether you see it or not. • As Mike says in his book, “Of all the elements, silver is the indispensable metal. • It is the most electrically conductive, thermally conductive, and reflective. Modern life, as we know it, would not exist without silver.” • Due to these rare characteristics, the number of industrial applications for silver has skyrocketed. • In fact, industry now gobbles up more than half of all silver demand.

  6. World Demand is Growing • Global demand for silver is growing. Virtually all major government mints have seen record levels of sales, with most already operating at peak production. • Surging demand is nowhere more evident than China and India. These two behemoth markets have long histories of cultural affinity toward precious metals. • And with their populations growing (the opposite of what is happening in the West), their tremendous appetite will continue.

  7. The Gold/Silver Ratio Favors Silver • The gold-to-silver ratio averaged 47:1 during the 20th century. It’s averaged about 61:1 in the 21st century. • So a ratio at or above 70 is in outlier territory and thus makes silver a good buy relative to the price of gold. • You can see that the ratio sank to almost 30 at the peak of the bull market in 2011. • It reached as low as 17 in early 1980. • This compression in the ratio shows just how much silver can outperform its cousin gold. • It also confirms it is undervalued compared to gold. • Add all up the reasons and silver just might be the buying opportunity of the decade.

  8. Conclusion • Silver jewels are also admired for their ability to blend with almost any skin complexion. • Golden jewels can seem bleak and colorless when worn with a very pale or very dark complexion, while silver ornaments harmonize with any color or skin tone. • When buying silver jewelry it is good to keep in mind a few useful pointers. • The most important of them is to always make sure of the quality of the jewels. • Hence pick out one of the Best Silver Jewellery Showroom in Madurai for good quality silver jewels.