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Mission Santa Barbara

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Mission Santa Barbara. By Emma Pascual May 1 st , 2013 251-gil. Founding History. Mission Santa Barbara was the 10 th mission out of the 21 missions in California. This mission, Santa Barbara, was named after St. Barbara. Mission Santa Barbara was founded by Fr. Serra.

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mission santa barbara

Mission Santa Barbara

By Emma Pascual

May 1st, 2013


founding history
Founding History
  • Mission Santa Barbara was the 10th mission out of the 21 missions in California.
  • This mission, Santa Barbara, was named after St. Barbara. Mission Santa Barbara was founded by Fr. Serra.
  • Father Serra wanted to start this mission two years before it really was founded.
  • On December 4, 1786 the mission was founded, but in 1802 the church was finished.
  • Mission Santa Barbara, was built on 2201 Laguna Street, Santa Barbara.
  • The mission was built on a hill and when you look down u see the Pacific Ocean and the city, Santa Barbara.
  • Santa Barbara was in Southern California, near Los Angeles, and in Beach Town.
design and layout
Design and Layout

The church is a square with a big opening near the middle, and this was called a quadrangle. In the workshops, men did tanning or they did shoemaking, and the women weaved and made candles and some soap.

mission life
Mission Life

Chumash Indians

Missionaries and Soldiers

handle beatings or even They had two missionaries and a few soldiers to protect them.

The missionaries had to teach the neophyte how to trade.

Younger Indians were in studies and the adults worked.

The Chumash had to being in jail and locked in shackles.

  • The Chumash Indians lived in dome-shaped houses that can hold up to 50 people or more.
  • There was a bell every time they had to do something.
  • 7:00am they had to wake up and to do their work.
  • 5:00pm all of them went to work.
  • 6:00pm they had to have supper and then free time.
  • 8:00pm women went to bed.
  • 9:00pm men went to bed

They did this routine every day!

mission life today
Mission Life Today

1800’s people started visiting. Santa Barbara has many visitors to the museum, library, and to the archive.

The archive are records that the Chumash once inhabited their region. In the mission they have six bells in the church. Religious paintings and beautiful sculptures decorate the church. In 1925 a earthquake knocked down some of the towers, but most of Santa Barbara is still standing today. In 1950 people donated 400,000 dollars to rebuild.

take a stand
Take a Stand

The mission system started in early 1769.Father Junipero Serra built the first the first mission in San Diego Bay. The started the mission system because they wanted to convert Indians to Christianity. Also the Russians wanted claim land from the Spanish.

I think that the mission system was unfair because the Native Americans were forced to do what the missionaries and soldiers told them to do. If the Native Americans didn’t do this they were beating down and locked in jail or in shackles. Another reason was many of the missionaries and the soldiers were treating the Native Americans like slaves! All the missionaries wanted some kind of order from the Native Americans and the Native Americans had to fallow the strict rules and they couldn’t do what they want. The last reason I think the mission system was unfair was because Native Americans had to do tasks when they were told like when the bell rang they had to do something like their job and the Indians were pushed really hard to do tasks. That is why I think the mission system was unfair.

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