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Latin Connections

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Latin Connections
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  1. Latin Connections By Colin Patton

  2. For some people, Latin is considered to be a dead language. In this sentence, dead meaning something that has no force or relevance. But in actuality, Latin still has an important role in today's society. These roles being Latin's influence in books, movies, videogames, the area of law, of medicine, and of science.

  3. The Vulgate Bible In the 5th century pope Damasus commissioned the help of Jerome to make a bible that was translated strictly into Latin. In the Roman Catholic church this bible was adopted and even to this day it is still used by the roman catholic church for sermons and also everyday uses.

  4. The Vulgate Bible From psalm 72:8 Et dominabitur a mari usque ad mare, et a flumine usque ad terminos terrae. He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth. From psalm 42:7 abyssus abyssum invocat. Sea calls to sea

  5. A World Lit Only by Fire If you have ever taken AP Euro you know the book “A World Lit Only by Fire” all to well. The use of the book is to introduce the reader to the way of life after the roman civilization, which still used Latin as its main language.

  6. A World Lit Only by Fire It introduces the reader to how Latin was the language of the rich and the clergy and also how national languages emerged from Latin. In all, the book is a very good insight into the way things worked and the social order when Latin was in use

  7. A World Lit Only by FirePhrases within the book In the book the phrase ab incunabulis is mentioned. This phrase meaning from the cradle and it was used to signifying the beginning or something from the infancy. This phrase was commonly used in the English language before the advent of the printing press. After the printing press was developed, the use of Latin began to diminish as national languages arose.

  8. A World Lit Only By FirePhrases within the book In the book there is mention of the mysterious but powerful knights templar. These men were the backbone and enforcers of the clergy and fought for Gods glory. A famous phrase coined by them was Ad maiorem dei gloriam. This phrase meaning to the greater glory of God and since that’s what they fought for it fits them perfectly.

  9. Gladiator For most of us, being entertained and learning usually do not coincide with each other. With the movie, starring Russell Crow, this is done perfectly Gladiator takes place within the Roman empire and gives clear insight into the lives of the Latin speaking populous.

  10. Gladiator Throughout the movie, the Latin influences are all around In the first scene of the movie you see the Latin insignias of the Romans expert military But more aw inspiring is the magnificent scene of the Roman coliseum covered with Latin phrases and statues

  11. Spartacus Throughout the history of man, people have been used as slaves. In the movie Spartacus, the rolls of the slaves being the weak and powerless people is switched with the masters. Made in 1960, the movie is nothing compared to modern day movies but still gets a historical lesson across.

  12. Spartacus The movie takes you on the life of Spartacus, a slave that started one of the worst slave rebellions in history. The movie depicts the horrid conditions that slaves had to go through and also the rise to power that Spartacus went through.

  13. Ben-Hur A year before the film Spartacus came out, another film based on the background of the Latin world came out Ben-Hur takes you on a journey of a Jewish prince that was condemned to slavery The movie shows the racism that people faced in roman life.

  14. Ben-Hur Besides this racism it also shows what the roman navy was like and also what it was like to be aboard one of these ships. Then there is also a scene that takes place within the massive Circus Maximus

  15. Civilization Game Besides books and movies, Latin also has influences in the video game world. In The Civilization game it allows you to take on the leadership of a famous Roman leader. You can use the same units and the same tactics that were used in the time of the Romans.

  16. Civilization Game Also, the most impressive of all features of the game is the ability to build legendary structures such as the coliseum and the pantheon. There are also other features that allow you to experience the Latin world like you never could before

  17. Latin in Law Even through the many years that Rome fell we are still using their language in our legal system adhuc sub iudice lis est. If you think your court hearing is over and you hear this phrase being spoken, well then your not done appealing to the court That is because this phrase means that the case is still before the court.

  18. Latin in Law A phrase that used to apply in the law of ancient civilizations was culpaepoenae par esto. This phrase meaning let the punishment fit the crime, it is hardly ever used in the modern day court but it still does have some applications