song of the sparrow lisa ann sandell may 2007 realistic fiction n.
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Song of the Sparrow Lisa Ann Sandell May/2007 realistic fiction

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Song of the Sparrow Lisa Ann Sandell May/2007 realistic fiction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Song of the Sparrow Lisa Ann Sandell May/2007 realistic fiction. Jazmine U 5 period. Setting.

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  • 1842 the air is crisp and the smell of blood lingers in the air. Lonely for a mom and a sister only brothers . I am at a battle camp waiting for the fight against the south to come. I clean the wounds of the injured men that came back from the war. Winter are sometimes harsh and summers aren't that bad.(this setting would change by lets say if she is in in the south than the meaning would be completely different.)
  • The conflict is that a war starts in the kingdom an Elaine an this girl named gwynivere dislike each other an now they have to work together an fight back against the kingdom that Elaine was raised in and gwynivere works for .

(Man vs. man)

summary of plot
Summary of Plot
  • My book is about this 16 year old girl that is a healing type person that helps the soldiers back to health and stiches them up. She is a tomboy an she wants the guy of her dreams Lancelot , but than a new girl comes to the camp. They thought that she was a nice girl , but she ends up being a cruel and cold hearted girl. A war breaks out in the kingdom and she an gwyniverehave to stick together and fight back.
  • The theme is that don’t be mean to people cause you may need there help in the long run.
  • Gwynivere snaps back the sheets as if we were try to steel it from her.
  • A
  • “Am I petty” Elaine asked her self “NOT “coming from Gwynivere.
  • “We have to work to together”. “NO we don't “
point of view
Point of View
  • If the author chose a different setting than the story wouldn't mean about friendship it be about a different topic. An the reader would be confuse.
  • Theses girls don’t know each other and they come across a situation where they have to work together an help each other out in desperate times.
  • I would recommend this book for someone who has a lot of free time. But if you don’t than don’t read this book.