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Cell : Volleyball Team PowerPoint Presentation
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Cell : Volleyball Team

Cell : Volleyball Team

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Cell : Volleyball Team

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  1. Cell : Volleyball Team -Kendall Jones- D. Dyer

  2. A cell is like a Volleyball Team because… A cell has many different functions and parts just like a volleyball team has many players that are better in one area of play than they are another.

  3. The Nucleus is the control center of the cell like a volleyball coach has control over the team and how successful they are.

  4. The cell membrane regulates what goes in and out of the cell like the assistant coach monitors the rotations and positions of every player on the court.

  5. The cell wall is like the libero because the cell wall protects, structures, and supports the cell and the libero protects the ball from going out of bounds or saying the ball when it goes in areas that are not ideal for the setter to set the ball or the hitter to hit the ball. *The Libero is the player that wears a different color jersey and plays the back row at all times.*

  6. The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like the server because it is a passage for proteins to move through the cell. The server serves the ball to the other team creating passages of force from one player to the next.

  7. The Golgi Apparatus packages and ships proteins like the setter receives (packages) the ball from the passer then sets (ships) it to the hitter. The setter is a very important part of the team.

  8. The Mitochondrion is like a hitter because the mitochondrion produces energy and is also know as the power house. The hitter produces energy from the swing of its arm to kill the ball on the other side. The hitter is know as a powerhouse if he/she has accurate hitting abilities.

  9. The vacuole is like the part of the team that sets of the bench because it is the support system that gives encouragement and takes the players water when a time out is called and when the game is being played.

  10. Ribosome's are like the team that is on the court because it produces proteins for the cell and the players that are playing are producing points to win a match.

  11. Plant Cells Animal Cells • Cell Walls are on the outside. • Chloroplast- Photosynthesis • Cell Respiration and Photosynthesis both occur • Square shaped with rigid cell wall • Green due to Chlorophyll • One large Central Vacuole • Cytoskeleton on inside instead of cell wall • No Chloroplast • Cell Respiration occurs • Can be any shape because of flexible membrane but it is mostly round • White and Pink due to the color of blood • Small Vacuole