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  1. 2011-2012 There’s always room for technology

  2. Links for Newbies AND Veterans • Innovation Station = http://innovation • Computers on Wheels = http://cow

  3. Help • Technology Support Request • Website Submission Form

  4. Help • We have an extra tech for our building for a few weeks, so you need to call 414-8324 (414-TECH) to put in a Heat Ticket AND do the Google Form. • Our tech person checks in with me each morning, so if you don’t complete the Google Form, you aren’t on My List.

  5. Share Drive • Technology folder in the S Drive in “My Computer” has many documents and handouts you may need throughout the year concerning technology • Clean out folders in the S Drive. I will be going through and removing unused items. This is not for your personal files, only department items and school-wide items to be shared.

  6. COWS – Netbook Carts • Pick up your cart in the library. • If you did NOT have a cart last year, do not pick one up. • I will be rearranging some carts to make sure we have an adequate amount throughout the building. • You should have access to 3-4 carts per hallway (3rd floor stores many in offices)

  7. COWS – Netbook Use • Print out the accountability forms from the S Drive. Mandatory to use them. We can not have these resources disappearing because of lack of supervision. • Netbooks must be stored with the narrow side up to protect the screens. • Teachers should put them away, NOT students. This ensures they are put away gently and helps make sure they are all returned before class is dismissed.

  8. Keys • I have Innovation Station Keys and Netbook Cart Keys (they are the same key) available. • Only available if you have one of these items in your room. • I only have a limited number. • When you check out the cart from a teacher’s room, you will need to get a key from them if you don’t have one or have them unlock it for you.

  9. The Cloud • http://my.austinisd.org • Single sign-on for all district apps • Access to H and S drives from at home • Can change your start page when you open your browser to something else, if you don’t like to start with the cloud.

  10. AISD Cloud - Categories Use the 'AISD' - Start menu to view the many categories available to the user on the AISD Cloud. Contents of category change depending on the level of rights of the user.

  11. Google Apps Integrated into the AISD Cloud - Collaboration Category Accessible by students and teachers AISD user accounts integrated into sharing feature Apps include: Docs, Sites, Calendar, Video Students 6th -12th have Gmail using @stu.austinisd.org domain Classes will have their own email using scheduling system Teachers should migrate to Gmail Fall 2011 Each user will have 10 gigs of online storage.

  12. Schoolnet Training • 3 CATE labs on third floor. Pick one. • Log on to: • austinisd.schoolnet.com • Do NOT use the Cloud (system is overwhelmed today • Select “Austin Log-in” from the drop-down menu, enter your network password.