child poverty in canada l.
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Child Poverty In Canada PowerPoint Presentation
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Child Poverty In Canada

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Child Poverty In Canada - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Child Poverty In Canada. Sanaz Farshchian. Outline. You Tube Video Poverty Quiz Child Poverty Statistics Case Study: 2 sisters lived in poverty in Kitimat, B.C. In 1994. 14 years later they are interviewed again. How we define How Poverty Affects Children The Idea of the “Western Child”

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Child Poverty In Canada

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child poverty in canada
Child Poverty In Canada

Sanaz Farshchian

  • You Tube Video
  • Poverty Quiz
  • Child Poverty Statistics
  • Case Study: 2 sisters lived in poverty in Kitimat, B.C. In 1994. 14 years later they are interviewed again.
  • How we define
  • How Poverty Affects Children
  • The Idea of the “Western Child”
  • Discussion questions
video quiz
Video & Quiz
child poverty statistics
Child Poverty Statistics
  • Canada
    • 1 in 8 children- 788,000 - live in poverty when income is measured after income taxes. Before income taxes, 1 in 6 or 1.13 million children live in poverty.
    • Top 4 provinces suffering from child poverty is: British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

(campaign 2000)

    • UNICEF ranks Canada 17th worst out of 23 industrialized nations in terms of child poverty levels.
case study
Case Study
  • Children of Poverty: 14 years later
    • In the Vancouver Sun in 1994 a 12 page article was done on “Children of Poverty”.
    • Ayla Thompson and her sister Jasmine were featured in the article with their now deceased mother.
    • They both grew up in extreme poverty and endured 27 different foster homes
    • Their mother was a struggling addict.
    • 14 years later they were interviewed again; Jasmine is still in foster care and Ayla is married to Sean Thompson, 27; they have a 2 year old daughter and another baby on the way.
    • Ayla and Jasmine say that they are breaking the cycle and will not allow their children to live in poverty.
    • But not all children are as lucky as Ayla and Jasmine, their lives do not straighten out.
defining poverty in canada
Defining Poverty in Canada
  • The Canadian government provides three primary measures of low income in Canada, none of which are officially endorsed as poverty lines
    • Statistics Canada’s Low Income Cut-Off (LICO)
      • Is defined as a family which spends more than 55% of its income on food, clothing and shelter

Statistics Canada

defining poverty in canada8
Defining Poverty in Canada
  • The Low Income Measure (LIM)
    • Which is strictly relative measures of low income, set at 50% of adjusted median family income.
  • The Market Basket Measure (MBM)
    • Addresses head-on for how much a family requires to meet basic needs

Statistics Canada

how poverty affects children
How Poverty Affects Children

Poverty brings with it many costs that have a long term influence on children:

  • Poor nutrition, hunger
  • Family stress, parental depression, reduced supports and family conflict
  • Fewer resources for learning, lower quality child care, financial barriers for activities
  • Crowded and dilapidated housing problems, homelessness, problem neighbourhoods, frequent moves, lack of safe places to play

The Urban Poverty Consortium of Waterloo Region

the western child
The Western Child
  • We are taught in Canada about the third world and how children are suffering from poverty and labour.
  • A notion is put into our minds about the Western, first world child.
  • Jefferess article “Neither Seen Nor Heard: The Idea of the “Child” as Impediment to the Rights of Children; explains this idea.
  • Books like Iqbal are written about the other worlds, but where are the books about the children who are suffering right here in Canada
the western child11
The Western Child
  • A boy named Craig Kielburger was inspired by Iqbal and organised “Free the Children”. He travels around the world visiting children and speaking out in defence of children's rights.
  • Why are they not organizing something in Canada to teach Canadian children about their rights.
  • Children who are suffering from poverty are not having their rights met.
  • The 3 P’s (protection, Provision and Participation); they are not being met.
discussion questions
Discussion Questions
  • How is the Idea of the western child related to the idea of the universal child?
  • Why are children suffering from poverty in such a rich country? Is it related to the children being kept powerless?