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Gender Text Types. Gender Advertisements. Gender Advertisement.

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Gender advertisement
Gender Advertisement

  • The advertisement uses a lack of color and bold lettering to entice the audience to reader the advertisement. The ad eludes to the fact that the most desirable women are ones who are rich and thin. This is linked to the ad which is advertising cigarettes, saying that their cigarettes are thin like women and rich in flavor because rich is better. The audience of this ad would be smoking males between the ages of 20-35, leaning towards single males.

Gender in media1
Gender In Media

  • The Times magazine one of the most influential magazines in the world shows the gender crisis in Germany through a women shown in two different roles. One of the women is shown in traditional house wife clothing with an apron and laundry basket, while the other is dressed in a suit holding a mobile phone with hair neat an masculine. This shows the crisis in German economics if women should be at full time work or be at home. The ad would have millions of viewers but would be directed towards educated women in the work force.

Gender in political cartoons1
Gender In Political Cartoons

  • In the cartoon we have a little girl talking to her dad about the modern view on modern women's rights. The household looks to be a relatively modern house, with authentic touches. If you also look at the the clothes that the pair wear, they are not of an "older" type. The audience for this cartoon is probably males 18-40, those who are either in the situation, to laugh at it, or they are young enough to recognize it's absurdity.