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Norway: Powered by Nature PowerPoint Presentation
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Norway: Powered by Nature

Norway: Powered by Nature

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Norway: Powered by Nature

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  1. Norway: Powered by Nature Buenos Aires, November 3, 2010

  2. 4 ½ million people Hydropower accounts for about 98-99 per cent of the total electricity production. Norway has a great deal crude oil and natural gas. Norway is one of the largest exporters of crude oil in the world. Why is such a small country so innovative in energy? Norway in a Nutshell

  3. Energy Competence • Norway has a responsibility, as well as a national advantage, within the energy sector. • Knowledge and competence from traditional sources such as hydropower and oil and gas will be able to play an important role in the work to find solutions that improve the production and use of energy. • Norway has the ambition to create value in the energy and environment domestically and around the world • Key to innovation is government funded research

  4. Government Support is Key • Ministry of Petroleum and Energy • Research Council of Norway • Enova • Innovation Norway

  5. Research Council 2010 Budget • Approximately NOK 23.6 billion (about 4 ½ billion USD). • The Bio-oil Refinery Project, part funded by the Research Council of Norway and Aston Unversity (UK), are developing integrated bio-oil technology to transform biomass more efficiently into biofuels through fast pyrolysis.

  6. FMEs: National Centres for Environmentally Friendly Research Public, Industry and Research As Partners

  7. Enova has supported 14 wind power projects that are expected to deliver an annual production of about 1,600 GWh . About NOK 130 billion annually is spent on new construction and rehabilitation of existing buildings. Enova's goal is to reduce energy consumption and increased use of renewable energy in buildings. Enova

  8. Innovation Norway

  9. Supporting a profitable partnership New or improved product/service/process/method Competent Norwegian supplier IRD-contract Demanding customer Innovation Competence Reference and/or market channel

  10. IRD-contracts in the innovation process Stock Exchange Venture Capital & PE Business Angels Seed Capital Commercial sources Stipends Risk loans IRD-contracts International Growth Non commercial sources R&D grants Regional development grants Tax-incentives Tax deducation scheme (Skattefunn) Idea Development Commercialization Growth

  11. Some Norwegian Success Stories

  12. Osmotic Power

  13. Norway has a long metallurgical history, from which solar comptence is easy to modulate for the solar industry There is a great deal of activity in this sector in Norway, and they are creating value around the world based on their solar processes Solar Technology in Cold Norway?

  14. Hywind Turbine size: 2.3 MW Turbine weight: 138 tons Turbine height: 65 m Rotor diameter: 82.4 m Draft hull: 100 m Displacement: 5300 m3 Diameter at water line: 6m Diameter submerged body: 8.3 m Water depths: 120-700 m Mooring: 3 lines

  15. Wastewater Innovation

  16. Thank you for your attention! •