Welcome to mr duraj s math class
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Welcome to Mr. Duraj’s Math Class. 2013-2014 School Year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssqXGAIheSU. Who Am I??. This is my 6 th year of teaching This is my 3 rd year at Mayfield Middle School, 2 nd teaching 8 th grade I am the Varsity Boys Basketball Assistant Coach

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Welcome to mr duraj s math class

Welcome to Mr. Duraj’s Math Class

2013-2014 School Year


Who am i
Who Am I??

  • This is my 6th year of teaching

  • This is my 3rd year at Mayfield Middle School, 2nd teaching 8th grade

  • I am the Varsity Boys Basketball Assistant Coach

  • I have both my Bachelor’s and Masters degrees from Cleveland State University in Middle Childhood Mathematics and Elementary Mathematics, respectively

  • When I am not studying math…..I love staying active and participating in sports. I have ran 5 Warrior Dashes and 1 Tough Mudder. I love basketball, softball, and golf

What do i need to bring everyday
What do I need to bring everyday?

  • Math binder

    -This will contain your notes, classwork, practice, checkpoints, and summative assessments

  • Your folder

    -This will stay in the room and keep any classwork/notes BEFORE it gets transferred to your binder (weekly)

    -This will also be where your weekly progress sheet will be. (I’ll explain later)

  • A Pencil (sounds silly doesn’t it?)

  • Your calculator

Rules student responsibilities
Rules/Student Responsibilities

1. Be on time!!!

-Three tardies per quarter=lunch detention (you don’t want these)

2. Be prepared

-Once you enter my room, you should NOT have to run back out to your locker (know what you need!)

3. Be respectful

-Whether it is me, your classmates, or another speaker, do not speak unless you’re called on and show full attention

  • I dismiss you

    -I may have important information to get out before you leave, so even if kids are lined up at the door…you stay

A trip around the room
A trip around the room….

“Where do I turn in notes for the office?”

-The “Homeroom” tray on my desk

“Where do I hand in practice or late work?”

-The “Grade Me Please” tray on my desk

“Mr. D, I was absent, what did I miss?”

-Ask a partner at your table, I will be more then happy to provide you with the work located next to the golf poster

Con t

“I need a calculator”

  • You should all have a TI=30X calculator from the previous school years, I do have some to use during class located on your table. These DO NOT leave the room.

    “I need to sharpen my pencil”

    - Please wait until no one is speaking to sharpen your pencil. There is a manual one located by Arnold Schwarzenegger and an electric one on the extra supplies table.


Yup more questions
Yup…more questions

“Where is the practice written for each day?”

-On the back board, you will see the practice for each day

“What is my learning goal/big idea for each lesson?”

-It is also written on the back board next to your assignments (these should be written down on your progress sheet every day)

What can i expect in math this year
What can I expect in math this year?

  • You will have the opportunity to use the Inspire calculators located on the side of the room.

  • You will be challenged to think critically and work with your classmates to make “quantum leaps” and achieve “Ahhh Ha!” moments all year

  • You will be tracking your progress weekly through folder communication so both you and I know where you stand in your mathematical learning

  • You will have fun in math (sounds weird doesn’t it?)

Welcome to mr duraj s math class

Get ready to have a great school year!!!