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Overview of Enhanced ELM Functions PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview of Enhanced ELM Functions

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Overview of Enhanced ELM Functions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview of Enhanced ELM Functions

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  1. Overview ofEnhanced ELM Functions

  2. What is it? The ELM system leverages the District’s existing technology and training expertise to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of learning and development efforts. The ELM is built into the PeopleSoft interface already familiar to training coordinators and learners. It’s designed to facilitate the registration and tracking of learners in career management paths and competency-based courses for staff in all District agencies.

  3. Why use the new ELM functions? • Assign courses to individuals and groups of employees in your agency • Administer classroom training and e-learning • Consolidate all training information into one system • Find courses that support professional and competency development needs • Access e-learning anyplace, anytime • Track and report progress and completion status

  4. Launch on Monday, October 7

  5. Self Service => Learning and Development => Request Training Enrollment page New view Current view

  6. Self Service => Learning and Development => Request Training Enrollment page New view Courses that are open to that employee and have been scheduled. Lists all required courses and their deadlines. Courses leave this list once they are completed. Lists any required pre- / post-assessments and surveys for online or instructor-led courses. Completion credit will not be given until all requirements are met.

  7. Self Service => Learning and Development => Request Training Enrollment page New view Employees can search by: Career Mngt Track Core Competency WDA or WDA Vendor Agency Other (computer skills, health and wellness, onboarding, performance mgmt, manager, administrative, communication, compliance) Currently opens pdf with descriptions of each track/path and core competency.

  8. Search by Career Path

  9. Manager / Supervisor Training Coordinator Agency-Level Administrator (ALA) District-Level Administrator Roles In ELM

  10. Manager/Supervisor Role Managers will be able to: • View training summary • Approve training requests • View the status of training requests • Run reports

  11. Training Coordinator Role TCs can: • Enroll, approve, waitlist employees • Cancel employees • Monitor student enrollment • Run reports

  12. Agency-Level Administrator (ALA) Role The Agency-Level Administrator provides strategic and technical leadership in the support of the ELM system. • Create/update agency course descriptions and learning resources • Schedule, cancel, modify individual course sessions • Mandate and assign courses to employees • Categorize courses • Strive to meet DCHR’s Learning and Development Standards • Can enroll/cancel/assign completion status to any employee • Have read access to all District courses • Run reports

  13. District-Level Administrator (DLA) Role This role: • Has access to all agency courses and components • Can allow courses to be available District wide • Can designate a course mandatory for all District employees

  14. ELM Training for Agency-level Administrator (ALA)

  15. Course Description This course will provide an introduction to the Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) system and the permissions and functions associated with the Agency-Level (ALA) Administrators. It will also discuss the learning and development Standards.

  16. Learning and Development Standards Purpose to ensure all learning and development courses are of high quality and meet the learner’s needs. The Standards apply to the design, development, and implementation of courses delivered through the ELM system.

  17. Learning and Development Standards Standard 1: Instructional Design Principles Standard 2: Organization, Appearance, and Consistency Standard 3: Compliance Standard 4: Use of Resources, Supports, and Tools Standard 5: Agency Access to ELM

  18. Ongoing Support • ELM Webinar – Support for ALA For those who’ve completed the ELM Training for Agency-Level Administrators and are seeking additional support • Contact DCHR ELM Implementation Team by phone and/or email • Guidance materials and tools Manual with screenshots, Course Creation tool, L&D Standards checklist, etc.

  19. Next Steps

  20. Next Steps Step 1: Decide if you want to use the ELM to manage your agency’s courses. Step 2: Decide who will have the ALA role. Step 3: Register for an upcoming ELM Training for Agency-Level Administrators course (#650). • Thursday, October 17 / 9:30-3:30 • Thursday, October 31 / 9:30-3:30 • Tuesday, November 12 / 9:30-3:30 • Monday, November 25 / 9:30-3:30 • Wednesday, December 11 / 9:30-3:30 Step 4: Plan for course creation and assignment.

  21. 202-442-9700 Jeanette Will Aida Gueye Patricia Evans