The olympian parthenon continued
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The Olympian Parthenon Continued. Hermes, Apollo, Artemis: Two friends and a twin sister who roams the forests!. Hermes, Mercury, Quicksilver. Watch you’re mercury intake! Mercury poisoning is bad. Son of Zeus and Maia (daughter of Atlas)

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The olympian parthenon continued

The Olympian Parthenon Continued

Hermes, Apollo, Artemis: Two friends and a twin sister who roams the forests!

Hermes mercury quicksilver
Hermes, Mercury, Quicksilver

  • Watch you’re mercury intake! Mercury poisoning is bad.

  • Son of Zeus and Maia (daughter of Atlas)

  • Beautiful young fellow: everyone adored his youthful charm

  • Tricky fellow, know to be mischievous, deceitful, and clever

The caduceus symbol of hermes heralds ambassadors medicine 16 th century and postal services
The caduceus, symbol of Hermes, heralds, ambassadors, medicine (16th century), and postal services

Mercury, a busy god:

  • God of commerce

  • God of thieves

  • God of athletes and the gymnasium

  • God of shepherds and travelers

  • Guide for the dead to the underworld

  • Zeus’s “negotiator”

  • Patron of children and heroes

Hermes a man of fame argus slayer psychopompus soul leader
Hermes: medicine (16 A man of fame: “Argus-slayer” “Psychopompus” “Soul Leader”

Hey, what are Herms and who was Alcibiades?

  • Invented the Lyre

  • Stole 50 cows, killed and sacrificed two with bare hands!

  • Killed Argus (one-hundred eyed dude)

  • No wife, but kids:

    • Pan (Satyr: ½ human, ½ goat, and…)

    • Hermaphroditus (½ man, ½ woman) who’s his mommy?

Apollo phoebus phoebus apollo loxias tricky pythian apollo
Apollo medicine (16PhoebusPhoebus ApolloLoxias (tricky)Pythian Apollo

  • Good friends with Hermes, but you knew that

  • Artemis’s younger twin

  • A pretty lad

  • God of light, truth, healing

  • Laurel tree his special tree (Daphne) and has some medicinal value

The olympian parthenon continued

  • Sponsor of the oracle at Delphi ( a famous psychic hotline) medicine (16

  • The sun god that drove his sun chariot across the sky; other versions, Helios.

  • Knew a lot about medicine and miasma: invisible pollution that prevented murders of parents from associating with innocent people. Eww… miasma!

The olympian parthenon continued

Artemis diana
Artemis/Diana leader of the muses.

  • Apollo’s elder twin sister

    • She help her mother, Leto, give birth to lil’ Apollo

  • Outdoor type

    • goddess of the hunt.

    • Always had bow and arrows.

    • Protected young animal

  • Virgin goddess, often child-like and wild as her animal friends

The olympian parthenon continued

  • Temper, temper! A vindictive lady: leader of the muses.

    • Niobe, the bragging mom

    • Acteon, an accidental peeping Tom

    • Callisto, a friend who was seduced

  • Goddess of the moon who pulls it across the sky (or it’s Selene, Helios’s sister)

  • Helped women in transition as well as youths and the weak

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