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Enlightenment Thinkers

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Enlightenment Thinkers. Those who influenced our Founding Fathers…. Enlightenment Thinkers.

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enlightenment thinkers

Enlightenment Thinkers

Those who influenced our Founding Fathers…

enlightenment thinkers1
Enlightenment Thinkers

“The Enlightenment, also called the Age of Reason, was a period during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries when European philosophers stressed the use of reason as the best method for learning the truth.”

From: Eras and Their Highlights - What Was The Enlightenment?

http://www.enotes.com/history-fact-finder/eras-their-highlights/what-was-enlightenmenthts - What Was The Enlightenment?


Just as we are influenced by different people --athletes, musicians, youth leaders, teachers, authors, parents, friends ---

The men who sat together to write the Constitution had been influenced by these philosophers.

machiavelli 1469 1527
  • Wrote a book called The Prince
  • It was about how you get and keep political power.
  • He abandons morality.


machiavelli 1469 15271
  • “Humans are ungrateful, fickle liars, and deceivers.”
  • He has influenced many dictators.
influence on the u s government
Influence on the U.S. Government
  • Our founding fathers broke away from the English government because they thought the king was being “Machiavellian.”
locke 1632 1704
  • He had an optimistic view of humanity—people are good.
  • Government is not really needed except to protect our rights.
  • The government MUST have our consent to rule.


locke 1632 17041
  • Everyone has the right to life, liberty and property.
  • If the government doesn’t keep its end of the bargain, you have the right to rebel.
  • He supported a democratic government.
influence on the u s government1
Influence on the U.S. Government
  • Supporting the idea of Democracy
  • We rebelled against England.
  • In the Declaration of Independence…we copied his idea of life, liberty but added the pursuit of happiness.
hobbes 1588 1679
  • He had a pessimisticview of ofofofof humanity—life without government would be chaos.
  • He called life in the state of nature, “nasty, brutish and short.”
  • He believed in a totalitariangovernment to impose strict control over people.


influence on the u s government2
Influence on the U.S. Government
  • We give up certain freedomsfor the good of society.
    • Like the Patriot Act
rousseau 1712 1778
  • He wrote a book called Social Contract (which was an idea that Locke and Hobbes also talked about)
  • We give up some freedoms in exchange for a safer place to live.
  • Like 6yrs old driving


influence on the u s government3
Influence on the U.S. Government
  • Our constitution is our contract with our government.
  • Idea of removing a leader who breaks a rule (impeachment)
montesquieu 1689 1755
  • He said the best government would be where the power was split between 3 groups. It is called “separation of powers.”
  • Group to enforce laws, a group to make the laws, and a group to interpret the laws
  • Each branch has separate powers, but equal powers


influence on the u s government4
Influence on the U.S. Government
  • We have 3 branches of government
    • Enforce: Executive (President)
    • Make: Legislative (Congress)
    • Interpret: Judicial (Court system)
voltaire 1694 1778
  • Believed in the separation of church and state.
  • He criticized Christianity and the Catholic church.
  • Encouraged religious tolerance.


influence on the u s government5
Influence on the U.S. Government
  • The first amendment says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”
thomas paine 1737 1809
Thomas Paine(1737-1809)
  • He knew about all these thinkersand created a document putting their ideas together.
  • This was a pamphlet called Common Sense.


influence on the u s government6
Influence on the U.S. Government
  • This pamphlet convinced common people that England had broken their “contract” with the colonist and they had the right to rebel.