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Process-centric Banking: Improve Agility, Efficiency, and the Customer Experience PowerPoint Presentation
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Process-centric Banking: Improve Agility, Efficiency, and the Customer Experience

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Process-centric Banking: Improve Agility, Efficiency, and the Customer Experience - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Process-centric Banking: Improve Agility, Efficiency, and the Customer Experience . Nilesh Trivedi, APAC Industry Architect Team Jatin Thakur, APAC BPM Team . Agenda. Industry Trends Traditional Approach vs. Process-based Approach Process Centric Banking - Under the hood

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Process-centric Banking: Improve Agility, Efficiency, and the Customer Experience

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Presentation Transcript
process centric banking improve agility efficiency and the customer experience
Process-centric Banking: Improve Agility, Efficiency, and the Customer Experience

Nilesh Trivedi,

APAC Industry Architect Team

Jatin Thakur,


  • Industry Trends
  • Traditional Approach vs. Process-based Approach
  • Process Centric Banking - Under the hood
  • So what is the Best Approach to adopt Process Centric Banking?
    • Time-to-value with Process Accelerators
  • Customer Success Stories
  • Q & A

What is your Unique Differentiator

We have the best Apps….

Bank A

Bank B

Q: How do I differentiate against my competition?

A:Business Process Excellence

traditional approach technology focused approach results in sub optimal results
Traditional ApproachTechnology focused approach results in sub-optimal results

Spaghetti of Applications

High-level Process

Siloed Approach to Implementation

key business challenges
Key Business Challenges
  • Lack of visibility – Decision making is harder
    • Front-office staff, processors and supervisors have limited visibility into the process
    • Exception management is manual and load sharing is limited
    • Impossible to define SLA and communicate the same to customers
  • Higher costper application
    • A lot of resources and $$s in processing because of manual processing
    • Poor document management, Delay due to Multiple-Hand offs
  • Business User efficiency is low
    • Users should be able to the tasks easier, No Guidance
    • Ability to integrate documents at each step
  • Flexibility to react to market developments is limited
    • New product introduction, promotions, adding/removing specific steps
    • Continuous process improvement and optimization
  • High Riskand enterprise readiness for scale
    • Inconsistent Process Execution and enforcement of Policies / Procedures
    • Unknown “Unknowns”
key it challenges
Key IT Challenges
  • Implementation of end-to-end Processes
    • Modeling flexible business processes that cuts across departments
    • Quickly respond to change in the process with Faster-Time-To-Market
  • Connect to & Re-use existing application services
    • No point building services from scratch or build point connections to existing applications
    • Application slios, re-entering data limit system capability
  • Provide consistent User integration
    • Multiple UIs for users can be confusing
    • Managing Information including Data and Unstructured Content (e.g. Documents)
  • Flexible Architecture
    • Extendibility - Solution architecture should support extensions such as business rules, Application integration, partners
    • Flexibility – plug-n-play components, ease of use, leverage existing investments
  • Operations ready
    • Reporting, exception management
    • Support project life cycle management – model, develop, deploy and manage

Paradigm Shift - Process-based ApproachProcess is central not just to implementation approach but also to architecture….facilitates better ‘Business-IT’ collaboration

Process-based Implementation/Architecture

Facilitates better ‘Business-IT’ Collaboration

Extensible Architecture

WYMIWYE – What you Model is what you Execute

Process Centric Banking is Powered by Oracle BPMUnified platform for processes including people, apps, documents, events and rules







Process Composer

  • Business analysts can capture the process
  • Or import existing process from Visio etc.
  • Share models and collaborate
  • Manage snapshots
adaptive case management
Adaptive Case Management
  • Case Activities, Events, Stakeholders and Permissions
  • Runtime management of above concepts
  • User driven task decomposition
  • CMIS support to work with multiple content stores
process flow our solution
Process Flow – Our Solution



Mobile access

Action Officer

Case Worker

Case Manager

Rule based evaluation Serial Activity?

Open Case

Portal, Mobile

Request from Regulator


Dispatch Responders

Case Team collaborates to resolution

Balance Process, Resource & Cost Performance

Case Manager

Close Case

Identify new case trends with RTD*

Refine Automation and Approvals


Analysis &


Send Data

Refine Alerts

enhanced business rules
Enhanced Business Rules
  • Business Policies
  • Flexible Processes with
  • dynamic binding
  • Approval and Task routing
  • Flexible case handling
  • Rule Testing
integrated content management
Integrated Content Management
  • Tight integration with Content management systems
  • Document workflow
  • Third-party content integration with CMIS
interfaces delivered on mobile
Interfaces Delivered on Mobile

Browser-based and/or Native Mobile App

actionable business insights oracle bam
Actionable Business Insights Oracle BAM

Tailored Reports; Manage-by-Exception; Act on Alerts

  • Monitor processes in real-time
    • KPIs and SLAs
  • Analyze events as they occur
    • Correlate events & KPIs
    • Identify trends & Alert users real-time
  • Act on current conditions
    • Event-driven alerts
    • Real-time dashboards
process centric banking foundation
Process Centric-Banking – Foundation


Content Repository

Consistent Multi-Channels and Web Experience

Simple User Access Management

Enterprise Process Management Layer

Easy-to-Use Console for Provisioning &


Data in Correct Format & at Correct Time

Easy Connectivity to External Application & Data Sources

Highly-Available, High-Performance, Scalable & Secure Platform Infrastructure


Oracle Provides a Common Service Infrastructure that take care current and future IT needs

Universal Content Management


Identity & Access Management

Business Process Management (BPM)

Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Data Integrator & Goldengate

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Exalogic Elastic Cloud Machine & Weblogic Application Server

how do we start possible approach
How do We Start? Possible Approach
  • Develop/modify a custom/existing application
    • Gives maximum opportunity to build what you want but inflexible to upgrade and maintain. Higher TCO in long term
  • Buy a packaged application and adapt it
    • Customizing a generic application can betediousand prove as difficult as above.
  • A solution based on process configuration framework
    • Independent Services and Business Process Modeling provide decoupled architecture that is flexible
  • Build from disparate/un-integrated tools
    • Initially seems easier than developing from scratch. But, without integrated tool sets this is not a viable approach either

Oracle Business Process

Management Suite


oracle process accelerators
Oracle Process Accelerators™

Pre-Built Industry and Horizontal Process Solutions

Financial Services

Public Sector


Travel Request Management

Loan Origination

Incident Reporting

Document Routing and Approval

Business Account Opening

eForms Management

Credit Card Dispute Resolution

Internal Service Request

Licensing and Permits

Financial Reporting Approval

Employee Onboarding

Correspondence Management


Claims Management

Approvals Management


Policy Underwriting

Accelerators to Fast-Track process designReference models with relevant meta-data for process automation

Credit Scoring




  • Automated tasks
  • Service integration to IT applications
  • Adapters and Connectors to end-points
  • Business rules
  • Hot deployable changes
  • Rules driven routing
  • Content Integration
  • Document Processing
  • Scanned Images
  • Human Task
  • Worklist of user or group
  • Calendar, delegation, escalation
  • Sharing notes & documents
  • Track processes
  • Gather process KPIs
  • Process Intelligence
  • BAM dashboards
  • Alerts
  • Single interface between people and processes
  • Ties tasks, alerts, discussions, documents, communities, intelligence in context of process

Loan Origination Process Accelerator

fslo high level process steps
FSLO High Level Process Steps

Process Owner

(Monitor & Analyze)

Auto Background Checks

Compliance Analyst

(Verify Applicant


Mobile Channel

(Create Loan Application)

Loan Underwriter

(Approve or Decline Application)

Create & Disburse


Loan Processor

(Obtain Contract Signatures)

Loan Processor

(Create Submission


Loan Officer

(Create Loan Application)

Obtain Credit Ratings

Web Channel

(Create Loan Application)

Appraise Collateral

fslo pa highlights
FSLO PA Highlights
  • Extensible Business Process Based Solution
      • Best Practice, Top-Down Process Design
      • Robust, Relational Data Model
      • Business-friendly, Extensible ADF User Interface
  • Business Rule-Driven Process Execution
      • Enforce Regulatory Compliance (e.g. KYC/AML) within New Business Process
  • Integrates Across Internal Systems & External Services
      • Multi-channel Enabled Process Initiation & Inquiry
      • Centralized Document Management in UCM
      • Eliminates Errors by Avoiding Repeated Data Entry
  • Monitor & Analyze Process Execution
      • Monitor the Business Process in Real-Time
      • Identify & Correct Processing Bottlenecks
      • Measure Product & Worker Performance
process led view of trade finance import lc issuance
Process Led View of Trade Finance - Import LC Issuance

Perform Regulatory Check

Receive Import Letter of Credit Application

Perform signature verification Customer

Perform document verification

Perform Limit Check on customer

Dispatch Import Letter of Credit

Structure Import Letter of Credit

Reporting of Import LC Exposure

Perform Credit Report Check on supplier

Perform Margin Money Check

trade finance lc issuance process diagram
Trade Finance – LC Issuance – Process Diagram

Customer Service Executive

Documentary Credit Executive

Documentary Credit Manager

Compliance Manager


Major Multinational Bank - Corporate & Investment BankingCustomer Acquisition Due Diligence System

CC Group

Opportunities & Challenges

  • Develop multilevel, configurable workflow management system
  • Worldwide implementation hence the work-list entitlement (user may have multiple roles/countries assigned) needed to be accurate
  • Regional workflows
  • Incorporate business rules for Senior public figure, high risk, Negative List, Casino, Embassy etc
  • Exception Management & Notifications


  • Oracle BPM technologies provided elegant CADD initiation, assignment, renewal, review, compliance and approval process along with Global CADD Search and creation of country appendix
  • Integration with existing Portal, DMS, Seibel CRM, Patriot Act
  • Custom API based Framework for enhanced security and control


  • The cycle time was improved from weeks to within a day for existing customers
  • Replaced the existing disparate solutions and the manual processing
  • Provided a common platform for eCADD worldwide
  • The unified solution eased the client on-boarding and the maintenance process
process centric banking summary
Process Centric Banking Summary
  • Oracle BPM solution helps customers to create their unique end-to-end business process that can elegantly integrate with the various packaged applications and at the same time provide automation across applications via a standard platform that helps businesses to:
  • be agile (loosely coupled & changes are not done as apps customization)
  • simulate the process
  • provide “What-You-Model-Is-What-You-Execute” capability (WYMIWYE)
  • handle exceptions well
  • apply business rules consistently
  • ease to bring new applications & B2B partners onboard
  • have 360o visibility of business process & key performance indicators (KPI)
  • be effective (reduce cycle time, reduce cost, better use of resources, go green & improve customer satisfaction)
key takeaways
Key Takeaways

Oracle is the Market Leader and

Customers are enjoying the real benefits from Oracle today

Oracle offers a one stop end-to-end solution for your process improvement needs

Process centric banking is a key ingredient for the next generationbanking architecture to the drive business results