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Paige Amber Landry

Paige Amber Landry

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Paige Amber Landry

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  1. Paige Amber Landry Senior Exit Clio Area Schools 2012

  2. Introduction • Hi my name is Paige Amber Landry. I am eighteen years old and at the moment I work at McDonalds on Vienna rd. in Clio, MI. I do have a boyfriend that I’ve been with for over two years, so I am a very committed person. • The career pathway I would like to obtain would be nursing. I chose this career because it is a growing occupation and my mother is a M.A. for Dr. Sankaran.

  3. Who Am I? • This year I decided to challenge myself by taking AP classes, I am in AP Calculus and AP Lit and Composition. • All throughout Elementary and Middle School I received honors, I also received an MVP award for Volleyball. • In 2008 I received a MEAP award. On the ACT I received an over all score of 21. • I chose nursing because I am very good with people and I enjoy helping others, it is a growing business and a good opportunity.

  4. Where Am I Going? • I visited Baker College and I made up my mind that this is the college I’d like to go to. I’m planning on going for two years to receive my associates degree, that way I can start working as soon as possible. Then I will continue for two more years to receive my Bachelors degree. After I have completed those four years at Baker I will go to University of Michigan to train to become a nurse anesthetist.

  5. Where Am I Going? (continued) • Short Term Goals • By June 2012 I will be working full time at McDonalds. I will accomplish this by talking to my managers and changing my schedule. • By Fall 2012 I would like to be attending Baker for a Bachelor's degree to be a Registered Nurse. I will obtain this by applying and checking on classes for this profession.

  6. Where Am I Going? (continued) • Long Term Goals • By January 2015 I am going to be working in a hospital as a Registered Nurse. I will obtain this by studying hard in college and receiving my associates degree. • By September 2016 I will be graduated from college with a Bachelors degree for nursing. I will obtain this by trying my hardest in school and focusing on my career.

  7. How Will I Get There? • I received a $5,400 Pell Grant, my college also gave me a grant. I have signed up for scholarships hoping to pay less than $1,000 for college. • My grandparents are going to be helping me out as much as they can but I’m pretty much on my own for now. • Possibly student loans but only as a last minute resort.

  8. Conclusion!~ • Throughout the next four to six years I will be studying hard to achieve my goals and putting a lot of time into what I’m going to be doing for the rest of my life. • I’m super excited and ready to start my career.