What’s new in Kentico CMS 5.0 Michal Neuwirth Product Manager Kentico Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

what s new in kentico cms 5 0 michal neuwirth product manager kentico software n.
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What’s new in Kentico CMS 5.0 Michal Neuwirth Product Manager Kentico Software PowerPoint Presentation
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What’s new in Kentico CMS 5.0 Michal Neuwirth Product Manager Kentico Software

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What’s new in Kentico CMS 5.0 Michal Neuwirth Product Manager Kentico Software
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What’s new in Kentico CMS 5.0 Michal Neuwirth Product Manager Kentico Software

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Presentation Transcript

  1. What’s new in Kentico CMS 5.0 Michal NeuwirthProduct ManagerKentico Software

  2. New Design of Administration UI

  3. Widgets • Allows to personalize specific parts of the page • Every Web part can be set as the Widget • There are separate groups of Widgets for • Group administrators of the group in the social networking site • Content editors • Web site visitors • Drag & Drop widgets between widget zones • Web parts zones & widgets zones could be mixed at one page • Support of personalized user homepages

  4. Widgets administration

  5. Widgets security Permissions per each group

  6. Adding new widget Selecting web part that the widget will be based on

  7. Add widget on site Widget options etc.

  8. Widgets for Content Authors (edit mode)

  9. UI Personalization • Provides the ability to allow particular feature of CMSDesk, SiteManager and WYSIWYG Editor per given role • The administrator can enable different features for each role, e.g.: • Web designers can access only web-design based features • Authorized users can access only My Desk • ….

  10. UI Personalization No administration tab

  11. Media • Media files are no longer limited to 2GB size • YouTube dialog can now insert video with HD playback • New Media Library UI design

  12. Portal Engine • Editable web parts can now remember content even if their ID is changed • Web part properties now have category anchors for better navigation • New "Add web part" dialog

  13. Controls • File uploader can now inherit the allowed extensions from settings like direct uploader • Menu controls have now column list settings in their properties, to reduce the amount of processed data • Flash web part now supports additional flash parameters

  14. CMSDesk • Listing mode now supports more bulk operations (Copy, Move, Delete, Publish) • Content editing interface now fully supports time zones • Drag and drop in content tree (Move, Copy, Link, Reorder)

  15. Searching in forums

  16. Database and scalability • Review of the UI and modifications to allow extreme-sized projects to be well managed, includes • New and better selectors for all modules • New object filters and dynamic displaying of the filters for large lists of items • Better performance of the UI • Tested for 100,000 pages & 1,000,000 registered users • SQL Server • No more SQL Server 2000 support • Support of Merge replications

  17. Workflow • Workflow now cannot be deleted with some documents using it (to avoid inconsistencies) + list of documents using specific workflow • Side-by-side comparison of two document versions

  18. APIs • Email • API now supports ReplyTo field of an e-mail • Resource manager • Support for API string (out-of-Kentico applications may work with the API and display string even without resource strings available) • Ecommerce • Extended API for better manipulation with orders

  19. Membership • Global administrator can now impersonate himself as another user without knowing his credentials

  20. Active Directory Import Tool • Powerful tool for importing users & groups from Active Directory into Kentico CMS • In few steps you select users, groups, fields etc. for the import + mapping these users into Kentico CMS groups

  21. Staging • Complete synchronization now runs with asynchronous log • Staging tasks are now logged asynchronously, which decreases the response time of the editing UI • Support for bidirectional staging (whether the updates from staging client should log as staging task or not) • Staging now also supports staging of physical media files smaller than configured limit • Support for staging of custom tables data

  22. Other improvements I. • General • Worker thread asynchronous logs are now much more efficient in communication with server • Reviewed file structure of some modules • FCKEditor updated latest version (2.6.5) • CMSConnectionScope and CMSTransactionScope for better handling of connections and transactions in your code • URL Rewriting • New settings

  23. Other improvements II. • Installation • Installer can now handle UAC on Vista and Windows 7 • Booking events • Management interface now fully supports time zones, which is also shown on sample site transformation • Newsletter • Improved re-initialization after error • Scheduler • New scheduled task for garbage collector to keep the process memory low • New scheduled task for newsletter sending process re-initialization • Web farms • Configurable file size limit for the web farm synchronization of the Media files • Import / export • The list of import packages can now be easily refreshed

  24. How to reach us? • http://www.facebook.com/KenticoCMS • http://www.twibes.com/group/Kentico • http://kentico.uservoice.com/ • Suggest new Kentico CMS features

  25. http://www.kentico.com http://devnet.kentico.com/home.aspx