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Top Five Social Media Management Pain Points

Every business wants to extract maximum benefit from the social web but it's easier said than done.

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Top Five Social Media Management Pain Points

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  1. By AutoSocial Automate your social media campaigns Top Five Social Media Management Pain Points

  2. #1 : Racing against time to accommodate different platforms • One of the biggest difficulties social media managers face is restructuring time when new platforms are added to the social media mix. • Implementing a bigger set of daily social activities optimized to each platform naturally requires more time. • To keep up, you may need more hands on deck, or have to adjust your work schedule to manage social media responsibilities with aplomb.

  3. #2 : Keeping content consistently engaging • When your job involves writing blogs and posting tweets all day, there is a tendency to reach a saturation point beyond which the enthusiasm to engage your audience wanes. • The result is a half-hearted attempt that impacts content quality. • Your audience will be quick to catch up on it, and your campaign may face a rough patch or become stagnant for a while.

  4. #3 : Figuring out terms and conditions • Small businesses are aware that disregarding the rules enforced by a social media website can see their pages being shut down. • Running contests on social platforms like Facebook, in particular, can often send you into a tizzy thanks to the confusing terms and conditions. • The fear of breaking rules and getting slapped with a fine keeps sole proprietors and small business owners from making the most of social media platforms.

  5. #4 : Security issues around collaboration • The security aspect of using social CRM and collaboration tools outside of the corporate firewall often keeps enterprises and social media agencies from managing social media activities more flexibly and seamlessly. • As corporate policies, which were put into place before social tools even became available, are typically hard to work around, the lack of a system for curating and sharing is often a pain point experienced by social media strategists and managers.

  6. #5 : Measuring business value from social media efforts • When it comes to explaining your social media returns to higher managemet, only three metrics count : cost, sales volume and revenue. • Number of fans, likes, followers and retweets – commonly measured social media metrics – are not as important as understanding which retweet led to the most conversions and what social media and email marketing strategies converted soft leads into hard leads.

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