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Top 6 Reasons Why Your Car Battery Keeps Dying For Your Vehicle!

<br>Do you know the reasons why your car battery keeps dying? Ask your Auto mechanic for expert advice about a car battery replacement. Call us today at 503-266-3246!

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Top 6 Reasons Why Your Car Battery Keeps Dying For Your Vehicle!

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  1. Is Your Car Battery Totally Dead? Don’t Wait Too Long Before its too late, Call “Auto Max of Oregon in Canby” nowFor Quality Car Battery Replacement Visit Our Official Car Shop Website: Want to Keep Your Car Running Smooth? We are here to help you with!

  2. Are You Wondering: “Why Is Car Battery Important For Your Vehicle?” The battery in your vehicle is like its heart. The main purpose of battery is to start the engine by igniting the starter motor, providing electric power to the spark plugs in order to ignite the fuel. The battery also provides power for other components such as lights, horn and climate control system. The typical battery is a “wet-cell” battery, a plastic box containing sulfuric acid and lead, with two terminals on the top or side. “Proudly Serving Car Battery Replacement To All the Vehicle Owners in Canby, OR & Other Surrounding Areas” Request an Appointment Online at:

  3. Top 6 Reasons Why Your Car Battery Keeps Dying For Your Vehicle! Lights left on. Headlights, or even a very hazy dome light, will drain a battery dead overnight. Weak battery. Small drains, such as the memory function in your car radio, or perhaps the glove box left open overnight, may kill a weak battery that can’t hold a charge. Poor battery connections. Rusted or loose battery connections can prevent the charging system from topping off your battery when you are driving. Short Drives. Starting and stopping your vehicle before the alternator has time to recharge the battery may be one reason why your car battery keeps dying hastily. Faulty Alternator. In order for your car battery to recharge, your car’s alternator must deliver it with energy. Loose or stretched belts and worn parts can prevent an alternator from sending a charge to the battery. Excessive Temperatures. Temperatures that get above 100 degrees or below 10 degrees Fahrenheit is hard on your car battery, especially if it is getting to the end of its life. A build-up of lead sulfate crystals can occur, increasing the amount of time your battery needs to be recharged. Tip to Remember: It is a truth that every battery will die ultimately. Remember that the key to prolonging the life of your battery and avoiding a premature car battery replacement is to keep it well-maintained and in good working condition. Let’s Discuss With Our ASE Certified Auto Technicians: (503) 266-3246

  4. Schedule a Free Consultation With Our ASE Certified Car Shop! Auto Max of Oregon- “Auto Repair Shop”, Address: 1004 NE 4th Ave, Canby, OR 97013 Phone: 503-266-3246 Website: Email: “Like us” on Facebook Page “Follow us” on Twitter “Follow us” on Google+ “Review us” on Yelp “Subscribe our” Car Care Tips Blog Try Our New Mobile App to Manage Your Vehicle into Fingertips:

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