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REPLUS BATTERY REGEN. Technical sales support: electrical products Lode Baert. Special: Battery regeneration. Special: Battery Regeneration. REPLUS Battery regenerator Removal of excessive sulphate Prolongs the lifespan of your battery Gives detailed reports

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  1. REPLUS BATTERY REGEN Technical sales support: electrical products Lode Baert

  2. Special: Battery regeneration

  3. Special: Battery Regeneration REPLUS Battery regenerator • Removal of excessive sulphate • Prolongs the lifespan of your battery • Gives detailed reports • Fully automatic, easy to handle • Free software included • Wireless data transfer to computer • Combination of charging/discharging • All types of lead-acid-based batteries • Gel batteries • Semi/traction -batteries • starter batteries • …

  4. Special: Battery Regeneration • What is sulphation • Chemical process that forms a layer of hardened lead-sulphate-crystals • (With a regular charger these crystals can not be transformed into active material because they are simply to hard) • Suphate is something than can be prevented however in real life we never see a perfect or ideal situation. • Causes of sulphation are: • To deeply discharged • Charging the battery when there is still more then 20% capacity in it • Long period of inactivity • Not watering the battery properly • To high temperature • Using a wrong battery charger • Short periods of charging / Interrupting a charge cycle

  5. Special: Battery Regeneration As a result of sulphation you will have: • Reduced lifespan of your battery • Reduced battery capacity (instead of 6 hours battery life now only 2) • The need to charge during the day • Higher handling cost, electricity, • Lower specific gravity of the acid in every element • Higher internal resistance per element • High costs when replacing an old battery buy a new one • …

  6. Special: Battery Regeneration The REPLUS battery regenerator removes the excessive sulphate from the battery • High frequency pulsation/ wrinkle current • 5 cycles of controlled discharging/charging • Max 42 hours for a complete regeneration process • Detailed reports from each cycle • Regeneration without putting to much stress on the battery • The process is temperature controlled • Everything is stored and can be checked afterwards on pc • Easy to set once you know the calculation • Free 1 day training at customers facility

  7. Special: Battery Regeneration

  8. Special: Battery Regeneration

  9. Special: Battery Regeneration

  10. Special: Battery Regeneration

  11. Special: Battery regeneration Packages: • Interesting to buy package • Major price difference • Special price when buying regenerator + free of choice utility (Tis, Hydrometer,BDX …)

  12. Special: Battery regeneration: BMS! • Unique system in the world – Wireless detection of bad cells 2-80V + free analysing software – Every 3 minutes during discharge you have the voltage per cell – Color indication of the condition of each cell – When using this in combination with the REPLUS/BDX you will have excellent restoration results

  13. What’s New REF 138ta 7531 DIGITAL HYDROMETER • Directly temperature compensated • Possibility to export data to your computer (.xls /.csv) • Fast, Easy, Compact, lightweight, one-hand measurement • Large LC display with backlight Specifications • Measuring range: • Density: 0 g/cm³ to 3 g/cm³ • Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C • Data memory: 1024 measured results • Power supply: Two 1.5V alkaline batteries • Dimensions: 140mm x 138mm x 27mm

  14. FLUKE Tis

  15. What’s New Fluke: Thermal imager • Most affordable thermal imager on the market • Helps you to identify bad connections, bad cells • Helps you to identify problems that are hard to find • Possibility to store pictures in memory • Long battery life (4hours) • Very robust design


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