How to Repair Outside Wall Rendering
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How to Repair Outside Wall Rendering

Cement rendering is a popular way to fix up outside walls around your house, as it is easy and

inexpensive to do while providing a durable surface for many years to come. It is also chosen for its

great appearance, because it can make a wall look unique in texture.


If you have rendered walls around your home, chances are they show a few cracks over time as the

house foundation sinks or other movements in soil happen. Is this easy to fix? How do you fix it?

We’ll tell you in this article.

Act Quick

As soon as you notice damage, it is best to get onto fixing it as soon as possible to avoid any water

getting inside the wall and causing more damage down the track. Make sure you always have

materials on hand to do quick patch-ups.

Patching up

The best way of fixing cracks is to patch them up with the same rendering that was used initially, or

by using a patching compound. You can also use silicone to patch up cracks really quickly. The

important thing is to fill them, because as mentioned above, water can cause substantial damage.

The proper repair job

When it gets to properly repair your cracked render, you should of course start by having safety

measure in place, namely you should wear goggles and gloves to protect yourself, and make sure

you place your ladder evenly or get someone to hold it in place, if you are using one.

Start removing all damaged render from the wall before filling the hole with new render. To make it

look even with the rest of the wall in the end, apply the same texture treatment or a layer of new

paint and you’re good to go!