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Lil Wayne Biography PowerPoint Presentation
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Lil Wayne Biography

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Lil Wayne Biography
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Lil Wayne Biography

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  1. Lil Wayne Biography By: Kayonna Neal

  2. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. (Lil Wayne) was born to JocitaCarter(akaCita). She gave birth to him at the age of 19 and had just graduated high school, and had gotten out of an abusive relationship with Weezy's biological father, Dwayne Michael Turner, who soon after the birth, abandoned the family.

  3. . • During that time, he and his mother were forced to survive by themselves in the criminal-infested community at Hollygrove division of New Orleans. Fortunate enough, soon afterwards, his mother met Reginald "Rabbit" McDonald, who eventually became his stepfather. Years later, his stepfather moved the family out from the poverty-stricken Hollygrove to East New Orleans. By that time, Lil Wayne had begun to develop his interest in hip hop and rap music

  4. New Orleans-born rapper Lil' Wayne claims to have written his first songs at the age of 8, and by 12 he had made his national recording debut. As a member of the Hot Boys and as a solo artist, Lil' Wayne and his label Cash Money Records became one of the most significant collectives of rap artists from the south. Although he was only 16 when he released his first solo album, with producer Mannie Fresh in tow, Lil' Wayne's career as a rapper was taken seriously from the get-go. A serious free-style rapper, Lil' Wayne stands only five feet, five inches tall, is covered in tattoos, and became a father at 15

  5. As lilwayne got older into the rapping life he became more better. Today 2012 lilwayne is the best rapper alive. • I picked to do my biography on Lil Wayne because I like his songs and he is a good rapper. Also I love Lil Wayne and he is cute.