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Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM). Welcome to the North West Regional STEM Centre. “ We cannot stress too forcibly our concern at the critical shortage of people with STEM capabilities. This is a burning issue to be addressed or the UK will not remain competitive. “

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Science technology engineering maths stem

Welcome to the North West Regional STEM Centre

“We cannot stress too forcibly our concern at the critical shortage of people with STEM capabilities. This is a burning issue to be addressed or the UK will not remain competitive. “

Council for Industry Higher Education (2009)

What is the role of stem
What is the role of STEM?

  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics subjects are crucial in solving many of the UK’s current economic challenges.

    • Technology includes ICT, CAD/CAM, Music technology etc.

  • Not enough people choose STEM – the route into STEM is a fragile pipeline

  • The LSIS STEM programme develops STEM teaching & learning by providing training, networking, resources and funding.

    It has worked!

Stem in schools and further education
STEM in Schools and Further Education

  • Increased interest in the successful uptake of STEM subjects in schools, colleges and universities.

  • FE provides an academic bridge between schools and HE.

  • FE is key to providing the skills – vocational.

  • FE supports widening participation in STEM subjects by engaging people lost from traditional academic routes.

  • FE supports wider aim of raising scientific awareness

Stem in fe skills sector
STEM in FE & Skills sector

  • 2.5 million enrolments on STEM qualifications in the FE and Skills sector in England.

  • 9341 different STEM and STEM related QCF qualifications are offered from over 20,000 in total.

    • 33% are in Engineering,

    • 31% Mathematics & Numeracy,

    • 20% Technology,

    • 16% Science

  • Over 172,000 STEM Apprenticeships underway in 2008/09 (48% were at Level 2).

Stem in higher education
STEM in Higher Education

  • In England the number of full time FTE undergraduates rose by 18% between 1999 and 2008.

  • The number of students in:

    • Medicine students rose by 89%

    • Chemistry rose by 4%

    • Physics rose by 7%

    • Mathematics rose by 9%

    • Engineering fell by 4%

Skills for jobs today and tomorrow
Skills for jobs: today and tomorrow

High priority skills for immediate action:

One of the most striking themes to emerge from the Audit is the growing importance of technicians, especially in specialist STEM areas.

UK Commission for Employment and skills, 2010

Skills supply and demand in europe to 2020
Skills supply and demand in Europe to 2020

... a considerable shift in labour demand towards skilled

workers, implying that future jobs will become more

knowledge and skills intensive .

Technicians and associate professionals ….. have the highest potential for job creation in the next decade (around 4.5 million)

European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, 2010

Stem at wmc 2008
STEM at WMC: 2008

NCETM Action Research Project:

From Pockets of Excellence:

Using collaborative approaches and sharing good practice to improve uneven performance in Numeracy

Stem at wmc 2009
STEM at WMC: 2009

Two Science Action Research Projects


Supported by the regional Science

Learning Centre for the North West

Improved the quality of teaching and

learning in practical work in both

Chemistry and Biology

Stem at wmc 20091
STEM at WMC: 2009

STEM Excellence and Innovation


“Made to Measure: Collaborative

teaching and Sharing Good Practice in Maths and Engineering”

Used and developed TLP resources on measurement across the STEM


Stem at wmc 20092
STEM at WMC: 2009

STEM Excellence and Innovation Award

“Ready to Launch: Progression from level 2 to 3 in Post 16 STEM”

Examined the role of maths in progression for learners from level 2 to level 3 STEM

Stem at wmc 2010
STEM at WMC: 2010

STEM Excellence, Improvement

and Innovation Award

“Girls into Engineering”

supported by Royal Academy of


Aimed to increase the

participation of young women in


Stem at wmc 20101
STEM at WMC: 2010

Successful Engagement with STEMNET

Visits by Science and Engineering Ambassadors

Enrichment activities included

WMC learners win a showcase stand at the National Big Bang – Young Scientists and Engineers Fair

Stem at wmc 20102
STEM at WMC: 2010

“From Re- launch to Lift Off: Moving Applied Science & Maths up to the next level”

North west stem 2010 11
North West STEM 2010/11

Wirral Metropolitan College became the

LSIS Regional STEM Centre for the North West,leading on behalf of FUSION and MCA

The centre’s purpose is to drive excellence in STEM in the North West in the Learning and Skills Sector

Stem champion
STEM Champion

Facilitates face to face and online regional STEM networks & CPD events

Supports provider led CPD in STEM

Supports Knowledge and Technology Transfer activity.

Arranges bespoke training by national lead organisations in STEM.

Implications now
Implications – NOW!

  • Improving image/profile of our College

  • Meeting national and local priorities

  • Improving teaching & learning at WMC leading to improved OFSTED grade.

  • Increased CPD for STEM teachers (Sharing of best practice). Involving many WMC staff.

  • Contacts with other providers

    The best is yet to come

Future opportunities
Future Opportunities

  • Still three months of opportunity ahead.

  • We have ideas.................

  • And welcome new ones!

  • Employers will be hearing from us.

  • STEM is good news