building bridges between the baltic people and the european cultures n.
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SkyBridge Airlines

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SkyBridge Airlines
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  1. “Building bridges between the Baltic people and the European cultures” SkyBridge Airlines

  2. Actors • Inside Actors: • Board • CEO • CFO • Legal Department • Marketing & Sales Department • Purchasing Department • Staff • IT Department • Technical Department • HR Department

  3. Outside Actors: • Airport • Customer • Government • Competition

  4. Inside Actors CEO: • Plans the budget and keeps an eye on the competition • Looks for investors • Defines the budget CFO: • Defines the budget • Manages the finances

  5. Legal Department: • Follows up the regulations and taxations Board: • Decides destinations • Buys the landing rights Marketing and Sales Department: • Defines the marketing strategy, sales, sell tickets and does the PR

  6. Purchasing Department: • Buys the fuel, planes and leases planes Staff: • This department ensures security. It also provides services to customers IT Department: • Creates and updates websites • Takes care of company’s network • Maintains the booking software Technical Department: • Takes care of maintenance and repairs aircrafts HR Department: • Hires, trains, makes sure they follow the company’s vision and mission, makes sure they get good salary

  7. Outside Actors Airport: • Gives the permission to land planes • Gives us permission to use their facilities Customer: • Buys our products and services • Appreciates our services and is very loyal Government: • Passes regulations that airlines companies have to follow Competition: • They run a race with us • They force us to be one step ahead

  8. BUSINESS PLAN Business Idea • To provide air transportationservices to people who are going on vacations (all ages, families, couples) • Very good quality but still affordable • Bringing the Baltic people closer to the European cultures.

  9. Market SummaryAndItsAssessmentfor Development: • The market is flooded. Focusing on the singles, couples, newlyweds and families we avoid partly the consequences of the global crisis. One of the main opportunity that we have is the growing Baltic economy. The trend European wide seems to be providing the low cost tickets with not such a strong focus on the quality service and that is why we would provide affordable tickets with a better quality than our competitors.

  10. We need to act quickly because the Baltic area provides many oppurtunities to big companies as it does to newly established companies. Goals and Objectives: • Making our airline recognizable. • Doing business based on loyalty towards customers. • Being the most desired airline for this segment.

  11. Strategy: • Making contracts with travel agencies in order to make customers choose our company. • Cooperating with most preferred vacation destinations and resorts, hotels, spots in general also diversifying into airport shuttles. Making the vacations as convenient as possible for our customers. • Increasing the age of children (0-9) capable of getting the free tickets.

  12. Making contracts with banks so our customers can get discounts or free tickets with their miles. • Having our own SkyBridge Club cards so all our customers can benefit from them. • We use wet lease and we own some of the airplanes. • HQ in the country with the best regulations and taxations, Base airport in Lithuania.

  13. Marketing plan: • Product: Good service, tickets, shuttles • Price: Affordable and competitive • Place: Online,, travel agencies, Skybridge Airlines’ offices. • Promotion: Sales support, events, internet (social networking websites), mass media (television, radio, newspapers, etc.).The main aim of our promo is to make people feel like they are family and belong to one home.

  14. USP: • 0-9 children for free. • We have SkyBridge ClubCard so our customers can benefit from discounts and win free tickets. • VIP chairs • Lounges in airports for our VIP customers. • Our customers can buy their tickets from

  15. Product service development plan: Onboard services: • We train our crew and pilots to serve our customers in a way they have never experienced before. • We make contracts with catering companies in order to serve quality food to our customers. • We have a special services to our children guests e.g toys, specially designed play areas on board , video games, special foods for babies and small children.

  16. Offboard: • Home- airport-hotel shuttles. • Customs service at airport. • We have self check-in • We have special lounges in airport • We have our shops in major airport where we sell souvenirs, food, our products etc. and customers can get discounts with SkyBridge Club Cards.

  17. Production Plan  Development: Year 0: • Vilnius • Amsterdam • Paris • Antalya • Munchen • Madrid • Rome • Thesaloniki • Zagreb

  18. After 5 years: • Budapest • Prague • Marseille • London • Sofia • We coorperate with the five biggest travel agencies in 5 years we doubled the number. • In ten years we plan to establish our own travel agencies so our tickets prices will become cheaper . • We have a contract with one chain hotel, after five years we plan to make contracts with 2 more chain hotels.

  19. Financial management • We have one boeing 737 that costs 32 million euros and one tupolev 154m that costs 45 million euros • We wet lease our other planes but we are planning to own all of our planes so if some routes become unpopuler or in off seasons we can lease our planes to other companies for extra profit. • Our starting capital is 100 million euros.

  20. Our investors are: • 3 business man from lithuania and latvia who want to improve baltic economy • 1 business man from germany who have good relationship with latvia and wants to invest his money to an airline company • Beside things we mentioned in our 5-10 years plan our financial goal is earn the money that we spent when we established this company in 10 years and after that our goal is catching a steady increase of capital. (be nicer)

  21. We are planning to make an application to star alliance in 10 years. Our first goal is becoming star alliance silver member and after that become gold member. If we become a memeber of that alliance it will reduce our airport costs dramatically. Of course our customers will benefit from this membership by gaining priorities in airports.

  22. Human Resources Plan:  • We train some of our own employees like pilots, crew, technical staff and we outsource and lease the others. Our employees are: • Pilots • Crew • Technical staff • The board • HR department

  23. Outsource: • Security • IT • Cleaning • Shop and lounge staff • Sales reps.

  24. Risk Management: Treaths: • Fuel prices • Economic crisis • Terrorism • Unexpected Competitors • Outdated Technologies • Accidents

  25. Weaknesses: • We do not focus on whole scale of customer segment. • Baltic economy is improving but not that good at this time. • Our aircrafts are not newest. • We are a newly established company so customers dont know us yet.