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Nardi et al.: Why We Blog PowerPoint Presentation
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Nardi et al.: Why We Blog

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Nardi et al.: Why We Blog - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nardi et al.: Why We Blog
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  1. Nardi et al.: Why We Blog • One of the most downloaded articles on ACM’s digitital library over the past couple years. • One of the simplest research study designs around. • Do you blog?

  2. Findings of Nardi et al. • To “document my life”. Can “rant” and speculate. More active/fresh than web pages. • To express opinions, comment on things. • Catharsis. Outlet for thoughts and feelings. • Thinking by writing. Formulating and testing ideas. • Community forum. Facilitate the building of community.

  3. Instant Messaging Grinter and Palen found differences between high school and college students HS: Private space, coordinating events College: news updates, collaborative work

  4. Interviewing “Do”s Put interviewee at ease Ask one question at a time Let the interviewee do the talking Be open to answers Take notes to prepare follow up questions Have an interview protocol Be ready to deviate from protocol

  5. Interviewing Don’ts Leading questions Double-barreled questions Talking too much Judgmental response Acting bored or impatient Interrupting Failing to take notes Failing to ask follow-up questions (e.g. Can you give me a specific example? Could you tell me more about that?)

  6. Interview Protocol: Your Turn • How did you first start using IM? • Who do you keep in touch with using IM? • How many hours per day are you logged in to IM? • Do you use different clients to keep in contact with different groups of people? • Do use status indicators? • Do you post status messages? • How quickly do you respond to messages? • How quickly do you expect others to respond? • Have there been circumstances when someone IMed that you didn’t want to talk to? How did you respond?

  7. Syllabus Show syllabus