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Alphabetical autobiography

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Alphabetical autobiography

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Alphabetical autobiography

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  1. Alphabeticalautobiography Shayna October 2012

  2. A is for animals I love animals and always will. I have two dogs at home but I wish I had more. I also volunteer at the Humane Society

  3. B is for brother I have one little brother and his name is Dylan. He is seven and very sweet.

  4. C is for Carpenter farms I love to go to carpenter farms. They have tractor rides, a corn mazeand animals.

  5. D is for dogs Dogs are my favorite animal. I have 2 dogs. Dogs are sweet and kind, and some are very smart.

  6. E is for elephant Elephants are one of my favorite kinds of animals. I have even rode an Asian elephant.

  7. F is for family I love my family. We do so many fun things that I like. We go camping, jeeping, and many other fun things.

  8. G is for gym I love gym. It’s fun to play tag and other games. I also love to do Peak plays.

  9. H is for Hershey Pennsylvania Last year my family went to see my great grandmother we stopped at Hershey Pennsylvania. Their candy is amazing.

  10. I is for Indiana . My family does a lot of fun things in Indiana. We like to go camping at Yogi Bear. We also go jeep rocks n valleys.

  11. J is for jeep My family has a yellow and black jeep. We travel around America just to go jeeping.

  12. K is for Kentucky My family went to Kentucky last year. We went jeeping. We also watched people zip line.

  13. L is for lions Lions are one of my favorite wild animals. I love how cute the cubs are. I also love the loin’s roar.

  14. M is for Madison I have gone to Madison since kindergarden.I love to go here. I love Madison trogons.

  15. N is for Niagara falls My family went to Niagara falls a couple of years ago. They have great food and a movie theater. But best of all was the tour of the falls.

  16. O is for Ogden Ogden is the road I live on. It’s also the road my dad grew up on.

  17. P is for pen pal I have a pen pal. Her name is Madison and she is from Canada. She is my best friend.

  18. Q is for Quail My granddad used to hunt quail. A quail is a type of bird. I think it’s a very pretty bird.

  19. R is for raptor We have a raptor. It's a kind of camper. My family goes camping a lot.

  20. S is for spot Spot is our English setter. He’s black and white. He is 6 years old.

  21. T is for Turbo Turbo is our Chihuahua. He’s black and brown. He's a year old.

  22. U is for uncles I have 6 Uncles. My favorites are Terry, Billy, Bobby, and Tiny.

  23. V is for Vet When I am older I want to be a vet.I think it would be fun to work with animals.

  24. W is for Wamplers lake I love going camping at Wamplers lake. We camp and go to the beach there.

  25. X is for X-ray fish X-ray fish are my favorite kind of fish. I love the way they swim.

  26. Y is for yogi bear Yogi bear is a campground in Indiana. We go there a lot, mostly in the summer.

  27. Z is for Zip line It is fun to watch my dad and little brother ride on zip lines. Zip lines are wire that you hook onto and go down on.