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Horizon-Science and Engineering Review Team (H-SERT) PowerPoint Presentation
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Horizon-Science and Engineering Review Team (H-SERT)

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Horizon-Science and Engineering Review Team (H-SERT) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Horizon-Science and Engineering Review Team (H-SERT). ESTABLISHMENT.

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Horizon-SERT will proceed in an emergency fashion to be pro-active, forward-looking on sequencing response and recovery plans, such as the barrier plan, and other such actions to minimize risk of coastal natural resources to oil, provide guidance on remediation of oil contaminated wetlands, and propose plans for oil spill mitigation and restoration.


Horizon-SERT Panel Composition

  • Expertise:
    • Oil Spill Response Techniques (OSRT)
    • Coastal Oil Chemistry and Biogeochemistry (COB)
    • Coastal Geoscience and Physical Oceanography (CGPO)
    • Coastal and Civil Engineering· (CCE)
    • Coastal Resource Bioremediation (CRB)
    • Coastal Ecosystem Impacts (wetlands, wildlife, microbial) (CEI)
  • Affiliation:
    • Louisiana State University
    • University of Louisiana at Lafayette
    • University of New Orleans
    • Tulane University
    • Southern University
    • LSU Ag Center




  • May 31, 2010:
    • Shoreline Management - Discuss Sand Barrier Plan
    • Wetland Management - Discuss Wetland Remediation Plans
    • Product Evaluation - Establishment of Business Emergency Operations Center


  • June 4, 2010
    • Overview of H-SERT Process
    • Proposed H-SERT Task Teams
      • Task 1: Programmatic Response/Recovery Plan
      • Task 2: Sand Berm Design-Build Project
      • Task 3: Oil Spill Response Technologies


Task 1: Programmatic Response/Recovery Plan

Provide technical review and comment on Programmatic Response Plan being developed for OCPR.

Develop technical document recommending recovery options for treatment of oiled environments.



Task 2: Sand Berm Design-Build Project Subcommittee

Provide technical review and comment of existing documents (OCPR, USACE permits, agency comments, etc.) regarding the sand berm design-build project.

Produce technical guidance that reviews the placement, recommends improvements in placement alternatives for reaches not authorized (e.g., hard boom, gaps, design configurations, etc.) in the event that additional segments are authorized in the future.


Task 3: Oil Spill Response Technologies Subcommittee

  • Review submissions to the Business Emergency Operations Center to provide evaluation of products and techniques that may be recommended to Task Team 1 (programmatic planning) to include in the tool box of procedures.
      • Develop a method for evaluating current list of innovative technologies
      • Coordinate with National Incident Command in Robert, Louisiana, to ensure reduction in duplication or overlap with their assembled research team
      • Investigate opportunities for evaluating, testing, or demonstrating selected technologies