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European Broadcasting Union Union Européenne de Radio-Télévision PowerPoint Presentation
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European Broadcasting Union Union Européenne de Radio-Télévision

European Broadcasting Union Union Européenne de Radio-Télévision

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European Broadcasting Union Union Européenne de Radio-Télévision

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  1. European Broadcasting UnionUnion Européenne de Radio-Télévision TPEG ForumTPEG – a status report2005-May Bev MARKS, Consultant EBU Technical Department 1

  2. Summary • TPEG started back in 1997 • What is TPEG technology for? • Content and Delivery segments • TPEG technology is already standardised ! • TPEG Open Standards • TPEG technology – a universal solution • The TPEG Forum, RTIG… and GST IP… • TPEG-Loc - discussion and future

  3. TPEG started way back in 1997 • By autumn 1997 – some leading edge EBU Members realised that the Traffic and Travel Information (TTI) service-data technology known as RDS-TMC would not satisfy an increased demand for multi-modal travel information and it would not last for ever! • RDS-TMC is a single delivery channel (FM Radio/RDS) constrained (and therefore compressed) data solution • A replacement system must be much more future proof • Nevertheless RDS-TMC services supporting vehicle based (on-board) Navi-systems are now expanding across Europe!

  4. Basic Ideas of EBU for TPEG • Adopt traffic information system to digital broadcasting • Make use of advantageous features of RDS/TMC • Take * standardized digital event codes * digital georeferenced location codes* add verbal announcements if wanted

  5. RDS/TMC -> TPEG/TMC RDS TMC FM Event Location TPEG TMC Voice related info DAB Event Location Siegle/BMS

  6. What is TPEG technology for ? • End-user focussed TTI services … • Language-independent structured messages… • Multimodal TTI - with various applications (RTM, PTI etc) • A toolkit for other Application developers… (PKI, CTT, WEA) • From the segments of the TTI domain, TPEG technology was originally focussed on the Delivery(Service Provision) segment • But now we are beginning to see an important use for TPEG technology in the Content Collection segment

  7. Classical Content and Delivery segmentsbasically common to all RTTI-systems

  8. TPEG technology- is already standardised ! • TPEG technology allows delivery on different platforms • Digital Radio (DAB), Internet, Digital TV (DVB) • Applications originally developed for Digital Radio • BINARY STANDARD (CEN/ISO TS 18234-Series)Adopted: 2004-08-27 • Applications developed for Internet bearers & message generation using XML • tpegML STANDARD (CEN/ISO TS 24530-Series)Adopted: 2005-02-04

  9. TPEG Open Standards:

  10. TPEG technology “toolkit”- offers a universal solution … • Language independence • Service provision for map-based and text-based systems • Client filtering by location co-ordinates and by message content text • Support for all transport networks (multi-modal and inter-modal) • Extensible and expandable – “toolkit” support for new TPEG Applications … • Agnostic about bearers • Every location or area on earth covered with WGS 84 co-ords

  11. The TPEG Forum (1) • The TPEG Forum has been established by the EBU with the following objectives: • To encourage implementation of TPEG in services and products • To facilitate exchange of information about practical implementation of TPEG • To maintain the existing TPEG standards • To develop new applications of TPEG and, where appropriate, to develop new specifications • The TPEG Forum is building on the last 8 years of work on TPEG by the EBU B/TPEG group and 3 years of the TPEG Project activity • The TPEG Forum is presently free to all - to join

  12. The TPEG Forum (2) • To meet the EBU and International Standards Organisations requirements the TPEG Forum has established: • Standards Task Force(concurrently CEN TC 278 WG4.7 and ISO TC204 WG10.7) • Implementation Task Force • The TPEG Forum will establish: • Marketing Task Force • TPEG Forum membership is growing monthly: • Especially from Asia-Pacific countries

  13. RTIG = Road Traffic Information Group… • The TPEG Forum – with EBU agreement and support – has been instrumental in establishing the Road Traffic Information Group – working with the TMC Forum • A key topic to be solved is related to another Location Referencing method proposal: AGORA-C • The TPEG Forum has offered a solution: signalling “Another Loc”…= Combination suitable for: • AGORA-C, by keeping it separately specified • RDS-TMC Location Codes, which many are requesting • A unified solution (combining the best of all) would be ideal- the TPEG Forum has strongly proposed this next step… • Agreement with the “AGORA community” is to be found… • Advantage: Use of RDS/TMC + new data solution in parallel as long as reasonable

  14. “Information on the web” EBU: TPEG Forum: BBCi: 15