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Lean Thinking

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Lean Thinking. Week 2. Agenda. 5:30 – Team Stand Up 5: 40 – Lean Thinking 6 :00 – Activity : Brainstorming 6:45 – Activity: Market Research 7:25 – Review. Objectives. Introduce Lean Thinking Model Exposure to Market Research Techniques. Review Stand Up.

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Lean Thinking

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Presentation Transcript
  • 5:30 – Team Stand Up
  • 5:40 – Lean Thinking
  • 6:00 – Activity: Brainstorming
  • 6:45 – Activity: Market Research
  • 7:25 – Review
  • Introduce Lean Thinking Model
  • Exposure to Market Research Techniques
review stand up
Review Stand Up
  • Called Stand Up because you stand up during the meeting - everyone!
  • A Stand Up starts every session with teams (in person or virtual)
  • Timeboxed meeting (ends on time)
lean thinking1
Lean Thinking
  • Speaker Name:
  • Title
  • Credentials
why do startups fail
Why do Startups Fail?

“The vast majority of startups fail NOT because they could not build a great product or technology, but because no one wanted the product!”

— Steve Blank

what is lean thinking
What is Lean Thinking?

A combination of the Lean Startup Model and Design Thinking, two strategies of approaching product design and development.


“Lean”refers to a set of methodologies that expose the relationship between what you think about a product and what is true about that product

why lean
Why Lean?

Why is it important to apply Lean Thinking to this program?

lean doing
Lean Doing
  • Testing our assumptions about everything: the user/customer, the problems, the needs
  • Speaking to real customers as much as possible(moms and friends don't count – unless they are your customer)
  • Learning as much as we can about our market and our business quickly
  • Making consistent, incremental steps toward “launching” our business with an iterative approach

Courtesy: Launchbit - Launch your Startup

applying lean thinking
Applying Lean Thinking
  • Brainstorm Science Education problem
  • Hypothesize a solution to the problem
  • Test what you think is true about the problem and solution by talking to potential users
  • Validate every aspect - problem, solution, product, market
  • Find and validate a viable business model
  • Build a minimum viable product (your app)
test the assumptions about user problem solution
Test the Assumptions about User – Problem – Solution
  • Who is the user/customer?
  • What is their problem or unmet need?
  • What is solution?
activity brainstorming
Activity: Brainstorming
  • Set a clear goal
  • Timebox session
  • Appoint a person to record ideas - Scribe
  • Rules of Engagement:
    • Write down main ideas
    • Piggy-back ideas
    • NO criticism of any idea
    • DO NOT evaluate an idea

Find the Brainstorming tab in your team’s Technovation Workspace on Google Docs

get ready to research
Get Ready to Research
  • Group the ideas by subject/topics
  • Write a problem statement
  • Brainstorm possible solutions to the problem statement (record in Workspace)
problem solution
Problem / Solution

Find the Problem/Solution tab in your team’s Technovation Workspace on Google Docs

market research
Market Research

Think of:

  • People who might have this problem
  • Online communities that would be interested in a solution to the problem
  • Other solutions designed to solve the problem (may or may not be software)
  • Companies that sell other stuff to prospects
market research1
Market Research

Find the Market Research tab in your team’s Technovation Workspace on Google Docs

reminder weekly reflections
Reminder:Weekly Reflections
  • What did your team like about this week?
  • What challenges did your team have this week?
  • Anything else your team would like to share?
share with us on twitter facebook
Share with us onTwitter & Facebook

Tweet us: @_technovation_


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ongoing offsite activities
Ongoing Offsite Activities
  • Learn App Inventor
  • Continue to do market research