holographic displays 3d the future technology n.
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Holographic 3D Display Technology, Hologram 3D, Magic Mirror by Zed Interactive PowerPoint Presentation
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Holographic 3D Display Technology, Hologram 3D, Magic Mirror by Zed Interactive

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Holographic 3D Display Technology, Hologram 3D, Magic Mirror by Zed Interactive - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Holography is the technology and exercise of creating 3D holograms. usually, a 3D hologram is a photographic recording of a light field.\n

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Presentation Transcript
holographic displays 3d the future technology

Holographic Displays 3D - The Future Technology

Holographic 3d displays technology is based the visualization technique.

How Holographic Displays technology Use in Business?

The 3D HD projector, reflect & appear on the plate of glass with HD animation & video is beamed directly

designed, chemically treated transparent film via a high power HD projector. However few expensive,

this results come

clear like virtual reality picture via 3D hologram projection.

Which Type pictures or video can projected in 3d holograms?

The animations & recorded video, anything is possible. The story can run animation or video team

whoever can manage it come to life using the latest 3D software. Virtual reality can be filmed shoot give

dance, speech,

product show & then be project on 3D holograms. Holographic displays effects can be added in post

production to make virtual reality real time.

For Whom use 3D Holographic projections & why?

Many FMCG companies, automobile companies use 3D hologram.

Other technology being use together 3D hologram displays?

Motion capturing system use 3D holographic display is the latest 3d hologram technology. Motion

capture systems are far from a new technology. the picture or video movements can play back in real

time3d into screen in the

form of an animated character working with

form of an animated character. Working with hologram display technology, these characters can become

life like virtual reality displays. 3D Hologram projection displays is the advances audience interactivity. in

one of them the Zed Interactive top Indian company making 3D hologram display. the 3d holographic

display projection can be moved around the stage, even programmed start or stop an animation or video

on the click of a button.

The future of 3D holographic display projection?

3D holographic projection technology is a huge future for next generation. we Zed Interactive are

offering services & make also like virtual realityapps, augmented reality apps, magic mirror, 3d

hologram, in rescannable price range.