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Atlantic Canada and the Global Community PowerPoint Presentation
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Atlantic Canada and the Global Community

Atlantic Canada and the Global Community

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Atlantic Canada and the Global Community

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  1. Grade 9 Social Studies Atlantic Canada and the Global Community

  2. Inquiry Questions • 1. How does globalization affect our lives here in Atlantic Canada? • 2. Should you care about the state of the world as a result? • 3. What can you do to make a difference?

  3. “Tell Me Why?”- Declan Galbraith • “Tell Me Why” video • What word comes to your mind to describe what is going on in this video (noun, verb, feeling word) Write your word on sticky note and post it on wall. • What do you think the message of this video is? • Why do you think that?

  4. “Tell Me Why?”- Declan Galbraith 1. “Why does our world have to be like this?”2. Why do we not always help people who need help?3. Why do we have to try to solve issues using violence?4. As Atlantic Canadians, can we do anything about the issues in our world? Why or why not?5. Do these issues have anything to do with us here in Atlantic Canada?

  5. Globalization- Word Wall • globalization • developed countries • developing countries • ramifications • degeneration • foe • sustainability • interdependence

  6. Course Description • Outline • Parent Newsletter

  7. A Picture Says A Thousand Words • 3-2-1 BridgeKISH Social Studies website

  8. Globalization Thoughts • Who is benefitting from the globalizing process? • Who is disadvantaged?

  9. Globalization Thoughts • It doesn't matter how far apart we might be geographically, economically or culturally, we're all held tightly together as members of the human race in an all-embracing web.

  10. Globalization Thoughts • Jobs are leaving many of the developed nations and moving to developing nations. The money earned helps those developing nations move forward – more jobs, cheaper goods, more profits for research and development. Everybody wins.

  11. Globalization Thoughts • I interact with other people who live in different countries when I’m playing computer games.

  12. Globalization Thoughts • Countries which are open to external investment are able to develop their economies to generate incomes from exports and raise their standards of living.

  13. Globalization Thoughts • Of the world's 7 billion people, 214 million are migrants, a phenomenon that has 'internationalised' many cities.

  14. Globalization Thoughts • Young people around the world have adopted international brands and styles without discrimination. Their clothes are influenced by their favourite bands, they sing along to songs they don't understand and support values that don't belong to them. Culture is under siege!

  15. Globalization Thoughts • Recently we have seen the collapse of undemocratic regimes, improvements in workers' rights, an increase in environmental awareness and responsibility, and an increased awareness of fair trade as a result of advocacy campaigns using social media.

  16. Globalization Thoughts • Sixty-eight million people are served every day in McDonald’s – 33,000 restaurants in 119 countries worldwide.

  17. Globalization Thoughts • Globalisation has caused important changes in who makes decisions that affect our lives as multinational companies have more power than national governments.

  18. Globalization Thoughts • Differences in local conditions require local solutions rather than an externally imposed and globally uniform ‘one size fits all’ solution. 

  19. Can Underwear Change The World? • Write a list of factors that you take into account when you buy underwear. • Share Quick Group • Add additional factors to the group list. • Diamond Rank the factors according to how important they are to you.

  20. Can Underwear Change The World? • Pants To Poverty About Page • Pants To Poverty Video

  21. Can Underwear Change The World? • “Despite its social goal, Pants to Poverty … haven’t strayed far from the more ‘traditional’ ways to market underwear. Their website is plastered with half-naked, thin, and beautiful young people.” (Source: Share your ideas about this criticism. Do you believe it is acceptable to use these sorts of techniques to publicize a cause to improve the lives of others?

  22. Benefits and Challenges • Brainstorm key themes of globalization

  23. Benefits and Challenges • Key Themes *economics *trends*poverty *social*environment *human rights*trade*social media*mass media*culture

  24. Benefits and Challenges • Do you think you are in favour of globalization? Why or why not?

  25. Benefits and Challenges Quick Facts Does this alter your opinion about globalization?

  26. Benefits and Challenges • “Globalization: Friend or Foe?” • PMI Chart

  27. Definition of Globalization • Design a group web definition of the term globalization based on everything we have talked about. What is globalization? What does that mean?

  28. Assessment #1 (short) • Explain 10 ideas that you have about globalization that shows you understand what it means.

  29. Connection to Globalization • What are your links with the rest of the world as a student living in Atlantic Canada? • Photo Activity

  30. Connection to Globalization • Read the following scenarios. What is the impact on you (or your community, Atlantic Canada, Canada)? • Global Effect Chart

  31. Connection to Globalization • Scenario A: In your local town, one of the main sources of employment for three generations has been McCain’s potato processing plant. The company has recently decided to close the factory and outsource the processing of potatoes to another country.

  32. Connection to Globalization • Scenario B: Your friend's garage band has really taken off on YouTube and people from places as distant as Finland and Ghana are downloading it.

  33. Connection to Globalization • Scenario C: You meet someone really nice while you're on holiday in Bali and can now keep in touch via Skype.

  34. Connection to Globalization • Scenario D: The shoes that you really like are much cheaper via an online shop in America.

  35. Connection to Globalization • Scenario E: The Canadian Government is being pressured to decrease the current annual minimum quota of 60% Canadian television programming to 45%.

  36. Connection to Globalization • Scenario F: The company that your father works for has recently been taken over by a trans-national corporation with job opportunities in many parts of the world if he is prepared to move/relocate.

  37. Connection to Globalization • Scenario G: A representative from World Wildlife Fund invites students to become involved in and advocate to help secure the future of orangutans.

  38. Connection to Globalization • Scenario H: Your mother's superannuation fund has been affected by the Global Financial Crisis and she is worried that she won't have enough money when she retires.

  39. Connection to Globalization • CBC NEWS • Copy this chart and brainstorm ways each article could affect us. (Think of the globalization themes)

  40. Assessment #2 Atlantic Canada’s Connection To The World

  41. Quiz Outline • Word Wall definitions (globalization, sustainability, developing country, developed country, interdependence, gross domestic product, human development index, ramification) • What are 3 benefits of globalization? • What are 3 disadvantages of globalization? • What does globalization have to do with you? • In your opinion is globalization a friend or a foe?