objectives for intro to operations
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Objectives for Intro. to Operations

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Objectives for Intro. to Operations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Objectives for Intro. to Operations. OCS communicates, Principals understand and dialogue covers the following: Hour 1 Strategic imperative behind the Cardinal/School Board’s Strategic Plan (pertaining to Schools’ Operational Vitality) Structure and staff of OCS’s Regional Team

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objectives for intro to operations
Objectives for Intro. to Operations

OCS communicates, Principals understand and dialogue covers the following:

Hour 1

  • Strategic imperative behind the Cardinal/School Board’s Strategic Plan (pertaining to Schools’ Operational Vitality)
  • Structure and staff of OCS’s Regional Team
  • Key areas of strategic support for the School & Principal

Hour 2

  • Overview of Key Operational & Policy Topics:
    • Admin. Handbook, Issue Management, RD involvement, Performance Reviews
  • Working Session: Case study exercise
  • Key artifacts underlying school’s strategic plan/performance
context cardinal s school board s strategic plan
Context: Cardinal’s & School Board’s Strategic Plan

Directives to OCS ripped from the headlines….

  • “OCS needs to…take very proactive steps to assist the 90 schools in taking actions they need to achieve financial stability”
  • “The hands-on management that OCS must provide to successfully turnaround the FAST schools and implement other recommendations of this Strategic Plan can only occur if OCS is reorganized and strengthened”
  • “FAST schools need the directed attention of a senior manager (from OCS)…they will require much more local hands-on support and guidance.”
  • “the OCS field leaders with responsibility for FAST schools…must have the authority to require that the schools follow FAST protocols (best pratices)”
  • “Regional Directors…who have both education and business skills”


strategic focus and use of resources
Strategic focus and use of resources
  • OCS has limited staff
    • Currently, one Regional Director, one Marketing Field Consultant and one Finance Field Consultant each covering ~65 schools
      • One RD for High Schools
    • We have one Board Development, one Advancement and one Planning Consultant each to cover the entire Archdiocese
  • Generally and on-demand, OCS can/will provide Operational/Policy support for allschools
  • But OCS provides deeper, Strategic support for and oversight of schools who need it – typically “FAST” schools (Financial Advancement through Strategic Teamwork)
    • Annual school aid from the AoC over $300K
    • Enrollment under 225
    • Annual per/student aid from the AoC over $1,000
org structure of the ocs regional team
Org. structure of the OCS Regional Team


Assoc. Supt. Academics

Assoc. Supt. Operations


Marketing Field Experts

Finance Field Experts


Leadership Experts

Regional Planning

Board Development


regional director s strategic role
Regional Director’s Strategic Role
  • ….is the Leader responsible for creating strategies and performance goals that schools must adopt (and OCS must support) to regain or sustain excellent outcomes. The Regional Director will work with the Principals in managing and measuring those plans to successful conclusion.
  • …provides transformational leadership and the strategic vision needed to ensure Principals and/or schools in need find and follow a plan to sustainability.
  • …provides mentoring support and management coaching to Principals in order to enable Principals to successfully execute the school’s strategy and to build capacity within the school community.
  • …builds and manages effective relationships with multiple school stakeholder and AoC policy groups, including School Principals, Pastors & Vicariate Bishops, Parish & School boards.
ocs s regional team
OCS’s Regional Team
  • Regional Directors
    • Fr. Peter Wojcik / Merry Quinn – Vicariates I & II
    • Matthew Banach – Vicariates III & IV
    • John Segvich – Vicariates V & VI
    • Debbie Sullivan – various schools across Vicariates
    • Jo Marie Yonkus – Arch. high schools
  • Finance Team – John Pantle, Finance Director
    • Finance Consultants/Field Experts
      • Bob McQuade
      • Jim Earner
      • Mike Tortorello
    • Sarah McNulty, Caritas Scholarship Program
  • Marketing Team – Maria Ippolito, Marketing Director
    • Marketing Consultants/Field Experts
  • Advancement/Development – Lynn Fredrick
  • Board Development – Sr. Judy Murphy
  • Regional Planning – Carol Palmer
your regional directors

Your Regional Directors

Matthew Banach John Segvich Merry Quinn Debbie Sullivan Fr. Peter Wojcik

your finance team

Your Finance Team

John Pantle

Bob McQuade Sarah McNulty Jim Earner

Mike Tortorello

your marketing team

Your Marketing Team

Maria Ippolito

KK Cleland Juana Sanchez Graber Yasmin Quiroz

more of your regional team

More of your Regional Team

Lynn Fredrick Carol Palmer Sr. Judy Murphy

Advancement Regional Planning Board Development

strategic support for the school starts at the parish
Strategic support for the School – starts at the Parish



  • Initial creation of annual budget
  • Monthly budget to actual reports (income statemt.)
  • Monthly Cash flow actual & forecast ; balance sheet
  • Creation & mgmt. of Tuition Tracker
  • Managing and reporting uncollected Tuition
  • Generation & management of Financial Aid program

Business Manager

Principal needs to demand that their Bus. Manager provides school with these standard services/supports

strategic support for the school is readily available from your colleagues
Strategic support for the School – is readily available from your colleagues


Fellow Principals (Council meetings; OCS references)


Other staff

Business Manager

At minimum, Principals can manage how/when they share or solicit best practices through the APA and Council meetings

strategic support for the school can be enhanced with ocs support
Strategic support for the School – can be enhanced with OCS support




Regional Support Team

Business Manager



Enrollment/ Marketing

General training/PD sessions are available as well as one-on-one coordination & delivery of support



Board Development

Advancement/ Development

Regional Planning

annual schedule of ocs financial review support
Annual Schedule of OCS Financial Review/Support


FC conducts audit of Fin. Process, People, Technology

FC conducts audit of Fin. Process, People, Technology

RD updates Principal evaluation and 6 & 12 mo. action plan

RD updates Principal evaluation and 6 & 12 mo. action plan

FC audits & collects final Tuition Tracker

RD/FC review/ approve budget revisions

FC audits & collects initial Tuition Tracker

FC audits Fin. Statemts(unpaid arch and tuition)

Current year Budget

FC audits Fin. Statemts

FC audits Fin. Statemts

FC audits Fin. Statemts

FC audits Fin. Statemts

FC audits Fin. Statemts

FC audits Fin. Statemts

RD & FC set /revise AoC aid targets

FC reviews (approves) Tuition plan

RD & FC review/ approve annual budget(s)

Future Budget(s)

FC reviews (approves) Fin. Aid Program

RD & Marketing define enrollment goals

strategic support for the school is sustained through strong governance
Strategic support for the School – is sustained through strong governance


School Board

SB Committees



Enrollment/ Marketing

Advancement/ Development


Marketing Director

Business Mgr.

operational policy support
Operational/Policy Support
  • Administrators’ Handbook
    • Archdiocesan policies/procedures trump any school or board policy
    • Schools can make policies not found in this book according to what a “reasonable and faith-filled person would do”
      • Determine how policies are made at your school (pastor/board involvement)
    • Be careful of wording (e.g., “will” vs. “may,” “other serious offenses” and “all”)
  • Review your own student handbook (See “Handbooks” for required topics)
    • You can add addendums during the course of the year with written notice within reason

But your logic and judgment will need to be applied -- in addition to Admin. Handbook -- to manage each complex issue successfully

issue management some guiding principles
Issue Management – some guiding principles
  • If issues arise, have person deal with the person with whom they are having an issue and then move up the ladder if they are not satisfied (e.g., teacher, principal, pastor, OCS)
    • Make sure to get both sides of the story before determining consequences
    • If people get belligerent, you can ask them to continue the discussion later. If they refuse to leave, you have the right to call the police.
    • To ask about a situation, you can say, “Do you know why “Mr. xyz” would be saying “abc”?”
  • When working with parents and students, make sure that you show:
    • they are being heard (write down notes and paraphrase- ask them what they want to see happen)
    • you are taking them seriously and working within the policy
    • there are consequences that are consistently enforced (they cannot know the consequences for other students, but they will find out)
    • you are proactive and hold confidentiality (especially with communication and follow-up)
  • If people threaten to call the police, take legal action, or talk to the media- tell them that they need to do what they think is in the best interest of their child
issue management when to contact th e rd
Issue Management – when to contact the RD
  • Solicitation/coordination of assistance from OCS resources
  • Emerging personnel issues that may result in suspension or termination (contact when the issues begin and before a suspension/termination decision is made)
  • Potential or actual Reduction in Staff (RIS), which needs to be done before May 15 or notice needs to be given to the teachers
  • Accidents/injuries that require professional medical attention (send a copy of the incident report)
  • Parent/Other concerns that escalate (call/email to let RD know the parent call is coming)
  • Student behavior/other issues that may result in expulsion (suspension should precede expulsion to give you time to determine the facts and consult)
  • When legal action is threatened or carried out against the school
  • Notify of any special awards or events the school has (also notify the Marketing Director)
  • A case where an employee or student is suspected of abuse or criminal behavior (DCFS should be notified immediately of any abuse case against a minor)
  • In the event of the death/terminal illness of a faculty member or student
  • Call with any outbreaks of major communicable diseases (e.g., H1N1)
overview of performance evaluations
Overview of Performance Evaluations
  • Principal Evaluations
    • Traditional Parish Schools
    • AIM Schools
    • Milestones/Artifacts
  • Teacher Evaluations
    • Specific training will be provided to you ; a) July 21 and July 23, b) in New Leaders PD in Sept. and c) for All Leaders in Feb. 2015
  • Teacher/Staff Hiring
    • Contact Jeanine Gouzeas ([email protected]) for access to Applitrack
    • Post position on Applitrack.
      • “Accept Application?” – Yes.
      • “Posting Active to Administrators” -- Yes
    • Once you find an applicant you like, put the applicant in the “Applications Pending Review” folder
    • After review, you will receive a verification form and Applicant Acceptance form
    • Fill out the appropriate paperwork (HR and see “Personnel File for School Employees”) and return Applicant Acceptance form
    • Applicants must complete Safe Environment requirements
case studies exercise
Case Studies Exercise
  • Objectives of Exercise
  • Introduction to exercise
  • Breakout Work Session
    • Principal-pairs spend 15 mins evaluating Admin. Handbook and their
  • Regroup and report out
strategic operations artifacts for principals
Strategic (Operations) Artifacts for Principals
  • Archdiocese School Board’s Strategic Plan
    • Especially pp. 33-36
    • http://ocs.archchicago.org/StrategicPlanning/StrategicPlanforCatholicSchools.aspx
  • Parish/School-specific Strategic Plan?
  • FAST Form (template and existing plans)
    • Template: http://ocs.archchicago.org/SchoolVitality/FAST.aspx
    • Existing FAST Plan/Goals: Pastor (or RD)
    • Adjustment to format/schedule; Removal of Academic section (given AdvancEd).
  • FY15 Budget & Tuition Tracker (template and existing plans)
    • Existing FY14 and FY15 Budgets: current Pastor/Bus. Manager (RD possibly)
    • Templates: http://parishops.archchicago.org/en-us/proceduresformsandmaterials/budget.aspx
    • Existing FY14 and FY15 Tuition Trackers: current Pastor/Bus. Manager
    • PD Opportunities
  • Bus. Manager Role Description
    • Handout
  • This presentation