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Barış Manço

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Barış Manço.

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Barış Manço

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bar man o


BarisManco (. January 2, 1943, Istanbul, Turkey - February 1, 1999, Istanbul, Turkey) Turkish composer, songwriter, traveler and TV producer. One of the pioneers of rock music in Turkey, a founding member of the Anatolian Rock type. Galatasaray was the beginning of music in high school. Received trainingin the Royal Academy of Belgium.


Barış Mançowasa Turkishrocksinger, composer, andtelevisionproducer. He composedabout 200 songs, some of whichweretranslatedinto a variety of languagesincluding English, Japanese, Greek, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Persian, Urdu andArabic.

He remainsone of themost popular publicfigures of Turkey.


BarışManço was one of the most influential Turkish musicians. In his early career he and his bands contributed to the Turkish rock movement by combining traditional Turkish music with rock influences, which is still one of the main trends of Turkish popular music.

  • His visual image, characterized by his long hair, mustache and big rings, softened the reaction of the otherwise conservative Turkish public opinion.

His experimentation with electronic instruments in the late 1980s contributed to the 1990s sound of Turkish popular music.

  • His lyrics with diverse themes, mostly following a somewhat modernized version of the "aşık" (wandering folk poets) tradition were heavily marginal in the popular music scene of 1980s which was mostly dominated by love-themed lyrics.

45 released in 1962, the first three in a row Grafson company. This twist on the famous songs of the period of three out of .45 "Snap Çedene" and a song called "Dream Girl" included a song his own name.


In 1988, "a world of children's and family-oriented educational and entertaining documentary" aims to be "from 7 to 77 with BarisManco" TRT started to prepare for his program. In 1991, the state actor, BarisManco, the same year he went to a concert tour in Japan was a city-wide, and 2 16 released the album. Died December 31 1999.