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- Barber of Seville Act I - PowerPoint Presentation
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- Barber of Seville Act I -

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- Barber of Seville Act I - - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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- Barber of Seville Act I -
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  1. This title is for centering. This title is for centering. This title is for centering. This title is for centering. This title is for centering. This title is for centering. This title is for centering. This title is for centering.

  2. - Barber of Seville Act I -

  3. Ha! What a good life! To work little and play hard,and always a doubloon in my pocket, the fruits of my reputation.

  4. Here’s the deal: Without Figaro, not one girl in Seville gets married!To me, widows come to find a husband!

  5. By using my comb by day and my guitar by night,I’m well able to please everyone fairly!

  6. - What a life! What a lovely profession! Now, to my shop. - Is it he, or am I mistaken?

  7. - Who can that be? - Oh, it’s him all right! Figaro!

  8. - At your service… Oh! Whom do I see! Your Excellency! - Hush! No one knows me here and I want to keep it that way!

  9. - I have my reasons.- I understand. I’ll leave you to it, then.

  10. No, stay. Maybe your arrival doesn’t have to upset my plans.But tell me,rascal, what are you doing here? You’re looking fat.

  11. - Poverty, sir!- Ha! Scoundrel!

  12. - Are you wiser now? - And how! And you sir, what are you doing in Seville?

  13. I’ll tell you. I saw on the Prado a flower of beauty, a girl,daughter of a certain senile doctor who recently moved here.

  14. Charmed by her, I left my home and my people, and came here.And here night and day I spend walking around this balcony.

  15. That balcony? A doctor? By God, you’re fortunate indeed!Your macaroni has been cheesed for you!

  16. Surely in there I’m a barber, wigmaker, surgeon, gardener, herbalist, veterinarian, the handy-man of the house!

  17. - What luck! - That’s not all. The girl isn’t his daughter. She’s his ward!

  18. - What a consolation! - Therefore… Quiet! The balcony is opening.

  19. - He hasn’t come yet. Perhaps… - Oh my life! My goddess! My treasure! At last I see you!

  20. - What a shame! I’d like to give him this note. - Well, young lady? The weather’s fine. What is that paper?

  21. - Nothing, sir. Just words to a song from “The Useless Precaution.” - Nice one! “The Useless Precaution” - How sly!

  22. - What is this “Useless Precaution?” - Please! Don’t you know about the new musical drama?

  23. A drama! Oh great! It’s usually a long, melodramatic, sad, boring, poetic piece of drivel. Our century has been corrupted by bad taste!

  24. - Foolish me! The song fell down. Pick it up, quickly. - I’m going.

  25. - I see it. Don’t worry. - Quickly!

  26. - I’m here. Where is it? - The wind took it. Keep looking.

  27. I don’t see it. Young lady, I don’t want…(By God, she almost tricked me!)

  28. - In the house! Now! Am I talking to myself? Move! - I’m going. What a temper!

  29. - I’m going to have that balcony bricked up. Inside, I say! - What a horrible life!

  30. - Poor girl! Her unhappy existence interests me even more. - Quick, let’s see what she has written.

  31. “Your attention piques my curiosity. My tutor will leave soon. Find a way to let me know your name, station, and intentions…

  32. …I can’t go out on the balcony without that tyrant. But rest assured your unfortunate Rosina is ready to do anything to break her chains.”

  33. Yes, she will break them!Tell me: what kind of man is her guardian?

  34. A frenzied old man, greedy, suspicious, and cranky.He’s at least 100 years old but thinks he’s a ladies’ man.

  35. Guess why: To get his hands on her inheritance,he’s gotten it into his head to marry her.

  36. Help! The door is opening!

  37. I’ll return in a few minutes. Don’t open the door for anyone.If Don Basilio comes looking for me, let him wait.

  38. I’d better hurry and marry her.Yes, I’ll taken care of it today!

  39. He’s going to marry Rosina today! Doddering old man!But tell me now, who is this Don Basilio?

  40. He’s a notorious meddler in the affairs of marriage,a hypocrite, a scrounger, a bum… he’s her music teacher.

  41. - Good, good to know. - Now think of how you can satisfy the beautiful Rosina’s desires.

  42. I won’t tell her my name, nor my position. I want her to love me for who I am, not my wealth or the title of Countess Almaviva.

  43. - Ah, if you could… - Me? No sir, you yourself must… - I? And how?

  44. Shush! We’re in earshot. By Jove, I’m right.The girl is behind the shutters. No one can see us.

  45. - In a little song, simply explain everything to her, my lord. - A song?

  46. - Certainly. Here’s the guitar. Quickly, do it! - But… - (Patience…!) - Okay then, let’s try.

  47. If you wish to know my name, hear it from my lips.

  48. I am Lindoro who faithfully adores you,wishes to marry you, who calls you by name.

  49. Always speaking thusly of you, from dawn until dusk.